FORMNEXT 2023 | SENFENG Will Set Out Again

Exhibition Name: FORMNEXT 2023

Time: Nov. 7-10, 2023

Add: Messe Frankfurt, Germany  

SENFENG Booth: 110-E47


“Additive Manufacturing (AM) plays an all-important role in driving industrial development even when economy is challenging. The reason is that these state-of-the-art manufacturing patterns can give the real competitive edges to companies.” Said by Sascha F. Wenzler, the Vice President of FORMNEXT.

In a manner of speaking, the arise of AM has created a new profit growth point for modern metal processing enterprises. FORMNEXT 2023 is themed by AM as a world-leading exhibition in modern industrial production field. Attending it, you and other industry insiders will have a deep understanding of the most advanced AM technologies and gain an edge of AM’s full industry chain. Never miss it!

FORMNEXT 2023 is coming soon. According to officially incomplete statistics, key figures are:

Over 800 exhibitors         Over 30,000 visitors         Over 50,000m2 exhibition area

Laser cladding is a branch of AM. It, a new craft used for modifying metal surface, is in a fledging stage marching towards large-scale industrialized application. Given this, SENFENG offers to support this metal processing demands to develop and launch several kinds of laser cladding machines. One of them will be showcased at this exhibition.

Main Highlights

Strong in Ability

0.1-1.5mm thick cladding layer

Also fit for workpieces with complex and special-shaped surface

5 times higher than traditional patterns in service life

Full Automation

FANUC six-axis linkage industrial robot

Handle with most metals

 Simple in Structure

1 robot, 1 laser generator and 1 water chiller

 Easy to Move

Move for 360° thanks to universal casters

Small in size, light in weight and small footprint

Context of Use

Laser cladding can help to save rare and precious metals. So, it is increasingly employed in the industry for coating and repairing of tools/dies, turbines and other expensive components with surface damage, like aerospace, power generation, oil and gas/mining, etc.

It is ergonomically designed with light-weight welding head. Workers will feel no tired even after long work and no much welding experience is needed before getting started.

 Main Highlights

* Labor reduction of 2 welders

* No need for welding experience

* Efficiency gains by 2-10 times

* Weld 0.5-4mm thick material

* Work at will within the scope of 360°

* Butt, overlap, stitch, stud and T-joint welding

* Economize on power by 80-90%

* Over 10 kinds of foreign languages

 Context of Use

Fit for SS, AL, copper, Cr, Ni, Ti and other metals or alloys. It is widely used in metalworking industries like medical equipment, communications, aerospace, manufacturing of machinery, battery and elevator, as well as household appliances.

In this month, SENFENG will go on with international events and talk with participators to provide more efficient laser processing machines for all customers worldwide. Come and see for yourself!

Nov. 5-8   BLCHEXPO 2023 (Stuttgart, Germany)

Nov. 7-9   WESTEC 2023 (California, USA)

Nov. 7-9   Warsaw Industry Week 2023 (Warsaw, Poland)

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