Five Applications of Laser Tube Cutter

With the continuous development and improvement of laser industry,automatic laser tube cutter should be a new field of metal tube business in recent years. Faced with the demand of domestic and foreign customers, pipe laser cutting machine has gradually become their first choice. Today, SENFENG laser will show you the application of laser tube cutter in sports equipment industry, lamps and lanterns industry, decoration industry, furniture industry, kitchen and bathroom industry.

1. Application in fitness equipment industry

In the process of fitness equipment manufacturing, it is necessary to processing all kinds of pipe. With the innovation and upgrading of fitness equipment industry,laser pipe cutting machine brings a new processing technology for fitness equipment manufacturing. The equipment will show you high speed and high quality cutting process. It easy cut round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe and special-shaped pipe, etc., and can realize the precise cutting of the pipe holes, cutting off and all kinds of special-shaped patterns which greatly saves the development time of new products.

2. Application in lighting business

Most furniture products need to use metal pipes and plate processing.Compared with traditional processing methods, metal tube laser cutter has the advantages of arbitrary graphics, size, high precision, fast speed, smooth cutting without burr, automatic typesetting and no mold consumption. In the same cost, the same output, metal tube laser cutting machine can provide more types of furniture products, also ensure the processing accuracy at the same time. It realize the diversification and multi-function of furniture products.Better meet the people’s diversified and personalized needs for home decoration, to improve the production efficiency to the greatest extent, reduce the cost.

laser tube cutter

3. Application in decoration business

Metal decoration materials widely used in interior and exterior wall, cylinder, door frame and other parts of the decoration. It is perfect to use the flexibility and high precision laser tube cutter for copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal door flowers business.

4. Application in table and chair business

In order to pursue the accuracy of table and chair parts and good surface finish, we choose metal pipe laser cutter,it can be used to directly bend and weld after tube laser cutter processing, so as to achieve on-site drawing and cutting, short production cycle. More importantly, laser pipe cutter has higher precision, also better quality, better effect and easier operation.

5. Application in kitchen utensils and sanitary ware industry

As we all know, the stainless steel plate and tube with not easy oxidation, corrosion resistance, not afraid of collision, quality firm bright clean, safety and other characteristics.So it is widely used in kitchen equipment and bathroom facilities. And laser processing can make the stainless steel tubes and plates become various pattern products with good performance.


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