Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Machine Cut Stainless Steel Common Problems

In the sheet metal processing industry, fiber optic laser cutting machine has been widely used in  cutting stainless steel and other metals, the laser beam irradiates the metal surface, melts it, and blows away the molten metal liquid by gas. So as to achieve the purpose of cutting.

For stainless steel products, laser cutting stainless steel is a fast and effective processing method. However, when the fiber optic laser cutting machine cuts stainless steel, some problems occur occasionally, which affects the cutting quality most. In fact,these problems are very easy to solve. During the processing, if the process parameters of the laser cutting machine are strictly controlled, the processing quality of stainless steel workpieces can be well guaranteed.

1. If there are small burrs in the shape of drip during processing, the main reason is usually too low focus or too high feed rate. So, we need to adjust accordingly, either to raise the focus, or to reduce the feed rate.

2. If during processing, both sides of the incision appear irregular filaminiform burr, the surface of the stainless steel plate color. There are usually four main reasons: 1. Low feed rate 2.High focus 3.The material is too hot.Then, we need to make corresponding adjustments:1.Increase of feed rate 2.Decrease of focus3.Increase of air pressure4.Cool the material.

3. If during processing, only one side of the cutting edge has irregular burrs, there are usually four main reasons: 1.The nozzle is not aligned 2.The focus is too high 3.the air pressure is too low 4.the speed is too low.Then, we need to make corresponding adjustments 1.enter nozzle 2.Lower focus 3.Increase air pressure 4.Increase speed.

In the process of cutting stainless steel, we also encounter other problems, such as the cutting edge yellow problem. The main reason may be that the nitrogen used by the cutting machine is not pure and contains oxygen impurities.

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