Fiber laser welding equipment applied for automobile industry

Laser welding has become one of the important application technologies in industrial manufacturing due to its advantages of high energy density, small deformation, high welding speed, easy automatic control, and no subsequent processing. The automobile industry is one of the main application fields of fiber laser welding equipment in China. 

The flexibility of welding equipment meets the processing requirements of various materials in the automobile industry, reduces the production cost of automobile, improves the production efficiency, and brings huge economic benefits to the automobile industry.

Here are the characteristics of this machine applied for automobile industry.

1. Non-contact processing

The most important advantage of laser welding in automobile manufacturing is the advanced non-contact processing method. During processing, precision welding can be realized without touching the products. Laser welding has achieved a leap forward progress in the connection firmness, seamless, precision and cleanliness.

2. Enhances automobile lightweight

By using this machine, more stamping parts can be used instead of casting parts, using continuous laser weld instead of scattered spot weld can reduce the lap width, reduce the volume of the body structure itself, so as to reduce the weight and meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction. 

3. Laser hybrid welding improves process stability

Compared with pure laser welding technology, laser hybrid welding technology can greatly improve the connection ability of the gap between sheet metal parts, so that enterprises can make full use of the stability of arc welding during high-speed welding. 

In addition, laser welding can also reduce the stamping and assembly costs during the automobile body manufacturing, shorten the production cycle, and improve the integration of the body. To know more about the application of fiber laser welding equipment, please leave messages to us.

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