Fiber Laser Welding Dominating Market in Near Future

In recent years, the market for fiber laser welding applications has accelerated to an average of more than 30% annually, already outpacing the growth rate of laser cutting machines. With the rapid development of laser equipment, laser cutting machine has been widely used in metal processing, but laser welding equipment didn’t get the enough attention. But in recent years, with the soaring demand for fiber laser welding from optical communication technology, electronic manufacturing, automotive, battery, sheet metal and other major fields, fiber laser welding market occupancy continues to expand.  


The application of laser in welding starts no later than cutting. The early stage of fiber laser welding was led by lamp pumping laser and fiber laser welding. They are all traditional low-power laser welding with quite narrow application in mold production, advertising and jewelry.


With the continuous improvement of laser power, more importantly, the semiconductor laser and fiber optic transmission have gradually developed the application area of laser welding machine and have broken the original technical bottleneck to open a new market possibility. Fiber laser spot is relatively small, which is not suitable for welding, but manufacturers use galvanometer swing beam principle and wobble welding technology to achieve effective welding by fiber laser.  


After that, fiber laser welding has gradually entered the aerospace, nuclear power, rail transportation, new energy vehicles and other high-end manufacturing. Quite some automobile factories also choose automated fiber laser welding production line. Another core industry demanding for fiber laser welding machine is power battery industry, top enterprises in this field have all equipped with this advanced machine.


The fiber laser welding used in power batteries should be a big break-though of application in recent years, which is a significant drive for many new energy battery enterprises. Secondly, it should be the welding of auto parts and body. In the world auto market, there are many early-established car companies, as well as emerging of some new car companies. The application rate of fiber laser welding in automobile production is still very low and shows great potential. Also, the fiber laser welding application in consumer electronics is also developing, with the manufacturing of mobile phones and optical communication technology related process.


In addition, it is worth mentioning that fiber laser welding machine has already entered the volume production phase, with the bursting need for 1000 watt to 2000 watt machine in the past two years. The price has also dropped significantly, which accelerates the speed of replacing the traditional arc welding, low efficiency spot welding and other conventional processes.  A large number of applications can be spotted in metal processing, sanitary ware, hardware factory, as well as railings, door manufacture and windows components.  


At present, the field of high-power welding gradually began to adopt China made light source, contributing to the considerable growth prospect. In lithium battery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, ship manufacturing and other manufacturing industries, fiber laser welding has become an important part, which ushers all these industries to a good opportunity for development. With the continuous improvement of China made laser performance and the need to reduce the cost of large-scale manufacturing, the opportunity of fiber laser made in China to dominate the market has come.  


The current demand for laser power is from 1000 to 2000 watts, which will also dominate in fiber laser welding in the near future. Laser welding is gradually replacing the traditional welding process, and becoming the new mainstream of metal welding market. SENFENG LEIMING Lasers is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality fiber lasers, supplying many of the worlds prominent welding solutions, so if you want help and details from experts, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to assist.


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