Fiber Laser Marker for Mobile Phone Industry has Broad Application Prospects

Fiber laser marker offers a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser mark onto almost any type of material. It has become a common process today in many industries and it’s no exception to mobile phone industry.  

There are always disposed parts by laser marking. For instance, logo marking, phone shell, battery, decoration marking, etc. Even somewhere inside that we can’t see, its parts also marked by laser.

Mobile phone, on behalf of personal electronics, is changing daily life greatly. People pursuit personalized phones and pushes accurate laser marking technology to play a more important role in phone manufacturing. At the meantime, laser is improving other micro-electronic manufacturing industries. 

fiber laser marking machine

SENFENG LEIMING LASER laser marking machine production is also more and more used in mobile phones and other fine marking processing needs of the industry. If you want to get more information about fiber laser marker, just contact us as soon as possible.



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