Fiber Laser Cutting Machine How to Cut High Anti-metal Materials

We all know that the laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates, but for high anti-metal materials like galvanized sheets, can it have a good cutting effect? The answer is yes, so let’s take a look at the cutting of galvanized sheets by laser cutting machines .

Galvanized board is more common a kind of metal material on market at present, it is in all sorts of other metal surface layer plating on a layer of zinc, use to prevent the problem of rust and so on, basically be used in all sorts of home appliance electric equipment, still have the shelf of a few special counter, for beautiful atmosphere and set. This material is not the normal metal material, so how to use the laser cutting machine to cut production?

Of course, like cutting other metal materials, in the process of cutting and processing galvanized sheet, it is also necessary to add auxiliary gas. The purity and pressure of the auxiliary gas directly affect the quality of the cut sheet. The purity of oxygen used for cutting should be above 99.5%. The higher the purity of the oxygen used for cutting, the lower the roughness of the section of the cut galvanized sheet, and the higher the quality of the cut, accompanied by an increase in the cutting cost.Increasing the purity of nitrogen ensures that the slit does not change its color during the process of cutting the galvanized sheet.For galvanized sheet such high reaction material, laser cutting machine as long as it is the choice of appropriate power, adjust the other corresponding parameters, can be cut without pressure, of course, the premise is galvanized sheet thickness is needed in the range of cutting.

Therefore, whether it is a high-reflective material or not, as long as there is a qualified cutting process and mature technology, the laser cutting machinecan perform perfect cutting work. At present,the most typical cutting high reaction material is our common galvanized sheet, generally is the use of laser cutting machine to cut processing. The above is a brief introduction to the cutting of high-reflection materials for laser cutting machines. If you want to know more about the cutting skills of the products, please contact us.

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