Fiber laser cutting machine changes sheet metal processing industry

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Sheet metal, a material that can be seen everywhere in daily life, has an extremely large usage and a processing market of hundreds of billions. Nowadays, most sheet metal processing is processed using fiber optic laser cutting machines, accounting for 20% to 30% of metal processing. However, most manufacturing industries involve sheet metal processing, such as agricultural machinery, fitness equipment, textile machinery, electrical equipment, instruments and meters, healthcare, kitchenware, and advertising fonts, Office furniture, hardware and building materials, etc.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between traditional sheet metal cutting and fiber laser cutting machine cutting processes

Traditional cutting techniques, such as CNC cutting machines, can only be used for linear cutting, and their shortcomings cannot be ignored compared to the multifunctional operation of fiber laser cutting machines.

Although the investment in oxygen fuel cutting is low, the thermal deformation during cutting thin plates is too large, which can affect the cutting quality of materials, waste materials, and not as fast as the processing speed of fiber laser cutting machines. However, when cutting thick plates, flame cutting still has its advantages.

The accuracy of plasma cutting is higher than that of flame cutting, but the thermal deformation and slope are higher when cutting thin plates. Compared with precision cutting by laser cutting machines, it is easy to cause waste of raw materials.

High pressure water cutting has no limitations on materials, but compared to fiber laser cutting machines, the speed is too slow and the consumption is high.

In the past, the cost of equipment shell molds typically reached hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands. Although opening molds or some simple molds can complete complex equipment casings and other mechanical accessories, the batch processing cycle only takes more than ten days, but the development and production of molds are sufficient. This takes several months and requires repeated mold repairs, with poor accuracy. Today, it is the era of information technology. Product updates are rapid, and small-scale production has become the main mode of sheet metal processing. In this mode, the application of laser cutting machines greatly saves the cost of mold opening and secondary processing. Shortened production cycle, which cannot be achieved by other stamping and hardware processing. According to reports, after the laser cutting machine was put into operation, the sheet metal industry has saved tens of billions of dollars annually in the sheet metal processing industry.

Fiber laser cutting machine changes sheet metal processing industry

With the rise of the laser cutting machine industry, the introduction of laser cutting technology in the sheet metal processing industry has enabled the rapid development of the sheet metal industry, fully reflecting the flexible production capacity, process design ability, and precision machining manufacturing ability of laser cutting. Meet the processing requirements of multiple varieties, multiple batches, small batches, non-standard, and high-precision.

In a sense, laser cutting machine has brought a huge technological revolution in sheet metal processing. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting machine is easier to understand and learn, and has absolute advantage in processing effect and speed required by traders. Therefore, laser cutting machines are considered a common trend in choosing cutting methods. In the future.

As a manufacturer of laser processing equipment, XT Laser has launched a series of high-quality laser cutting equipment that can meet the cutting needs of sheet metal processing. It has high flexibility in laser cutting, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle. Both simple parts and complex parts can be used for rapid prototyping and laser cutting. Imported dual motors and servo drives can improve equipment performance, ensuring smooth operation, fast running speed, fast acceleration, high accuracy, and high processing efficiency.

If you are a customer in the sheet metal processing industry, you can choose the most suitable fiber laser cutting machine based on your specific processing needs.

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