Fiber laser cutter in cutting thick stainless steel plates

Thick stainless steel plate is a kind of popular material in many fields. The products it produces have longer service life and superior performance in all aspects. Now it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, construction engineering, kitchenware manufacturing, rail vehicles and other industries.

Nowadays, when cutting most of the thick stainless steel plates, people will select laser metal cutting machine. To cut high quality thick plates, certain skills must be mastered. 

The following are several main points:

1.Nozzle model.

The nozzle diameter determines the gas flow shape, gas diffusion area, and the gas velocity. Thus different nozzle model will influence the stability of cutting and melt removal. When the gas flow is large enough and the gas velocity is fast enough, the effect that gas spray removes the melt is better.

The thicker the stainless steel plate, the larger nozzle should be selected and the high air pressure should be set. Pressure and flow should be met at the same time to cut good effect. 

laser nozzle

2.Focus setting.

To cut different materials and thicknesses, the operator needs to adjust the machine to different focus. Because different focus can cut different thicknesses and materials. Before cutting, the operator needs to measure the actual zero focus to determine the most suitable cutting focus. 

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