Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Applied in Tire Mold

Tire mold is an important tool to be used in tire production. There are some patterns inside the tire mold, and many deposits such as sulfide, inorganic, silicone oil, carbon black, etc. will be produced for a long time. Therefore, regular cleaning is needed to ensure the cleanliness of its surface.However, due to the irregular and complicated pattern of the mold pattern, the general cleaning method is not cleaned in place, and some areas will form dead spots of pollution, which will affect the quality of the tire.
At present, the methods for cleaning the tire mold mainly include mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning,fiber laser cleaning. In the past decade,fiber laser cleaning has developed rapidly, gradually replacing other cleaning methods in many fields.
Laser cleaning technology is a revolution of industrial cleaning technology. Compared with traditional industrial cleaning, fiber laser cleaning has the following advantages:
1.Laser cleaning is a “green” cleaning method, do not need to use any chemical agents and cleaning liquid, clean down the waste is basically a solid powder, small size, easy to store, recyclable, can easily solve the environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning;
2.The traditional cleaning method is often contact cleaning, which has mechanical force on the surface of the cleaning object, damages the surface of the object or the cleaning medium is attached to the surface of the object to be cleaned. Accessibility solves these problems;
3.The laser can be transmitted through the optical fiber, which can clean the parts that are not easily reached by traditional methods, simple operation;
4.Laser cleaning can remove various types of contaminants from the surface of various materials to achieve a degree of cleanliness that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning. It can also selectively clean the contaminants on the surface of the material without damaging the surface.
5.High efficiency, save time;
Laser cleaning technology, as a modern green cleaning technology, is the product of the industrial development of the new era, with the advantages of time saving, labor saving, no damage to the base material and no pollution to the environment.If you want to know more about laser cleaning technology please contact us.

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