Exhibition Style | XT Linyi Exhibition Successfully Ends, A Comprehensive Immersive Review!

Exhibition Style | XT Linyi Exhibition Successfully Ends, A Comprehensive Immersive Review!

In the golden autumn season, gather together in Langya. On November 5th, the 3-day 2023 China Laser Industry Expo successfully concluded. At this conference, XT focused on the theme of differentiated application scenarios, with a focus on large-scale cutting machines, pipe cutting, medium and thin plate cutting, and specialized service ecology. In response to the differentiated needs of the market, XT submitted a satisfactory answer sheet.

The customer said, “We have always been paying attention to the development of XT. We are very looking forward to cooperating with the products of this exhibition! Especially the XT Wanwa high-power large-format laser cutting machine, which can be said to be a sharp tool for processing medium and thick plates.

Partner: “XT Laser strives for excellence in its products and we have been working together for many years, with great confidence in the future.

Media: “The laser technology and products showcased at the XT Laser booth are highly popular, and the on-site cutting demonstration has also attracted many visitors to stop and exchange ideas. The high-power and intelligent processing of 10000 watts also reflects the current market trend.

Using Light as a Medium to Lead the Future

Seeking business opportunities, finding markets, exploring opportunities, and seeking cooperation. During the three-day exhibition, XT is customer-centric and full of sincerity. With its strong products and enthusiastic service, it attracted numerous attention at the exhibition. Let professional audiences and buyers experience and explore the charm and achievements brought by laser intelligent manufacturing in close proximity.

Highly praised for its continued popularity

Starting from the pain points of customers, we provide in-depth explanations from multiple aspects such as production processes, technical principles, and application fields, providing customers who come to the New Sky Exhibition booth with truly professional and thoughtful services and practical solutions. The XT booth has attracted a large number of people and has received batches of “loyal fans”. It has attracted the attention of many professional customers in the industry on the super large format products of Wanwa, and has stopped to learn about the relevant product technical indicators and production processes.

For XT, this exhibition is a great opportunity to not only showcase the high-quality product technical features and advantages to all participating customers, but also provide a direct face-to-face communication platform for academic experts and professionals in need during the exhibition.

Exhibition Closing Message

In recent years, the market environment with strong competition and high pressure in the laser industry has become increasingly fierce. XT Laser has always believed that serving customers well is to open up the market. All along, XT has provided comprehensive empowerment to customers and partners, providing diversified, customized, and professional full scene laser application solutions, helping customers improve quality and efficiency, expand the market, and connect symbiosis and mutual trust.

This exhibition is a journey of harvest for XT, and it will not end until the end. XT will take this grand meeting as an opportunity to continuously strengthen its core capacity building around laser technology and work together with various partners to explore future development opportunities. Sincerely thank every friend who came to the scene, using light as a medium to travel without stopping. Looking forward to our next meeting!

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