Environment-friendly Way of Cleaning- Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Why is laser cleaning equipment coming into sight? Industrial modernization has brought environmental deterioration and industrial pollution, and all hazard waste emission caused severe environmental issues: such as skies covered by smog, drinking water with unpleasant smell, soil with excessive heavy metals, and all kinds of waste surrounded cities. Governments have been long aware of the problems, and also vigorously build sewage treatment plants, waste gas adsorption and filtration facilities, but these measures are only treatment before prevention with very high cost. Under this circumstance, it has become an urgent and necessary task to change the process of some production processes and upgrade to the more environment-friendly cleaning process. Fiber Laser cleaning is a very smart choice, and is also an important technology which has been gradually changing the ways of industrial environmental protection.  


It is widely assumed that laser cleaning technology doesn’t count as regular laser processing, as it is different from the previous laser cutting, welding, drilling, engraving, cladding, etc. The above mentioned applications are the use of laser energy to change the shape, nature and the relationship between different components, in order to realize the processing effect. But for laser cleaning, it is a workpiece surface treatment technology, which does not change the material nature, but just remove the stains, rust, dust or residues from the surface. It is a surface “washing” process, rather than a laser processing technology.  However, it does not mean that laser cleaning is low-tech, on the contrary, it must be taken into account the substrate material, stain thickness, and laser power when it comes to application. So it is for certain that we need continuous research on process exploration and testing because of its wide range of applications complex  parameters of the laser cleaning equipment.


The technology of laser cleaning equipment is a green, efficient cleaning technology, and brings significant economic benefit and owns broad market prospect. The laser cleaning process works by having a laser pulse directed at the surface of a material, which blasts the waste layer off. The contaminants that you are trying to remove are mostly vaporized, leaving very little waste material behind. Any waste that is left is in the form of particle dust, and it’s a simple process to suction this away. By adjusting the laser output energy, you can remove virtually anything from a surface including non-organic materials. By controlling the energy levels, various surface contaminants can be removed (e.g. organics, mineral oxides or ceramics) with no damage to the underlying substrate.It is also a non-contact, and non-abrasive process.


The traditional cleaning methods include mechanical cleaning method, chemical cleaning method and ultrasonic cleaning method. The mechanical cleaning method is to scrape, rub, brush, or use sand blasting and other mechanical means to remove dirt from surface. Chemical cleaning method is to spray, drench, soak or use high frequency vibration of organic cleaning reagent to remove surface attachments.  The ultrasonic cleaning method is to put the treated parts into the cleaning reagent, and remove the dirt by the vibration produced by the ultrasonic.  At present, these three cleaning methods still occupy a dominant position in cleaning market, but they produce pollutants from varying degrees, and their application is greatly limited under the requirements of environmental protection and high precision.  


Compared with the traditional cleaning method, laser cleaning equipment is a “green” cleaning way, with incomparable advantages:  ·

1. No harm will be presented when it comes to substrate

2. Very small amount of waste that is generated is of no harm or danger to the user. This makes it an extremely environment-friendly process

3. It is a high level of automation process. The operation time can be reduced and this enables a user to operate in dangerous or harmful environment.


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