Durmapress Ships WC67K-100T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake to Mozambique

Durmapress recently shipped a comprehensive set of equipment to Brazil. Among the carefully selected items are the WE67K-200T4000 Hydraulic Press Brake. These high-performance machines are designed to handle a wide range of bending tasks with precision and efficiency. The shipment includes eight units of this model, ensuring that the client’s operational needs are fully met.

The equipment dimensions are meticulously documented as 458022502950mm for each unit, with additional parts packaged separately in dimensions of 870220240mm, 870190200mm, 800135120mm, 870190155mm, 870190210mm, and 4070150140mm. This precise packing strategy ensures optimal space utilization within the containers. The shipment fits snugly within a standard 40OT container, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in Brazil in pristine condition.

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