Doing More with Less: Increasing Productivity with Five-Axis Machining

MC Machinery Applications Engineer Lukasz Bucko will explain how five-axis machining can solve modern challenges, including worker shortages, high demand and shorter lead times. He will address how five-axis machining can reduce cycle and setup time, improve accuracy, provide a smoother finish, orient workpieces for optimal results, and more.


    • Reduce setup and cycle time of complex and difficult-to-reach geometries, including completely eliminating the need for multiple setups
    • Improve accuracy and surface uniformity
    • Automatically orient workpieces for best results
    • More easily achieve deep cavities and thick webs
    • Make quick and easy work of hard geometries
    • Improve process control and enable consistent lights-out machining by allowing multisided, in-person inspection
    • Improve tool overhang and deflection due to shorter tool usage

Presented By: Lukasz Bucko

Lukasz Bucko has been with MC Machinery Systems for seven years, starting in field applications and installation before becoming an applications engineer. His primary focus is the OPS Ingersoll line of five-axis machines.


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