Does Laser do harm to human health?

We have written quite some articles to show how important laser machines are and how they are becoming dominant in the modern metal manufacturing industry, however, there are still clients wondering: does laser do harm to human health? Especially for large ones like laser cutting machine with high laser power up to 8kw and above. And this query has become the main concern when they are wondering if laser cutter is a smart purchase to upgrade their equipment and production process. The answer is no! No such harm will be caused with proper use. Let’s read on to get some details.


The basic line is: laser doesn’t do harm to human body, so do high power laser cutting machines. But, it can be harmful if you use it improperly. Let’s see several harmful cases caused by misuse of the laser cutter:


1) Eye injuries

When we are operating the laser cutting machine, a lot of us tend to stare at the sparks generated in the process of laser cutting. If you stare at the sparks for a while, it will cause stings or even injuries to your eyes. That’s really not necessary as our cutting head knows what it is doing by itself. The theory behind this is that the machine emits laser which can produce highly concentrated energy, and when the energy is working to cut material, sparks come out. The sparks focus on the retina through the eye’s refractive structure and form an image. As a result, the energy density on the retina is significantly increased compared with the incident energy density on the cornea. In addition, with good monochrome of laser, the color difference in the fundus is small, so it can cause damage to the cornea or retina.


2) Skin injuries

When laser shines on the skin, if the energy (power) is too large, it can cause skin injuries, but it’s not severe and can be self repaired by the tissue. The skin function of the injured part is decreased, but it does not affect the overall structure. If the skin is irradiated for a long time, it may lead to burns and scarring. But I don’t think anyone of you would do that on purpose unless you are intend to do so.


3) Breathing system injuries

When laser is processing with some special kind of metals, the heat generated will combine with the gas to formulate large amount of smog and dust. Those contain quite some noxious chemical element and the dust will suspend in the air. If we accidentally inhale the smog and dust, it will bring harm to our breathing system.


Do not worry! Those injuries can be totally avoided if the below instructions are followed:


1) Necessary protective equipment should be prepared. When there is a need to check on the cutting head while it’s working, put on the protective goggles. For other staff who do not need to inspect the machine, avoid direct sight to the sparks.


2) Operators should eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin AC and protein, to better protect eyes.  


3) Choose our laser cutting machine with the function of partition dust removal system, which can effectively and efficiently remove all the smog and dust generated by high power laser cutter. In addition, it would be better if you can operate where air flow is good. Last but not least, do wear a face mask as a final protection.


4) Painting your workshop as dark color can reduce the radiation caused by laser.


5) Do not touch the workpiece immediately after processing by laser in order to avoid burns caused by residual heat .  


6) As laser beam is a kind of invisible beam, do not touch the light path in the process of use in case of body injuries.


7) As there are harmful elements (ZnSe) in the focusing mirror of the laser cutting machine, do not contact the lens frequently, and the lens should be specially processed after scrapping instead of simply throwing it away.


Your safety, our priority! Senfeng Leiming Laser is doing everything we can to provide you an efficient yet secure way of metal processing. This article is short and might have a chance doesn’t cover everything you want to know, so if you would like to know more about our laser cutting machine, feel free to reach out!


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