Difficulties in steel pipe laser cutter cutting technology

With the rapid growth of production and consumption of steel tubes in recent years, it has driven the rapid popularization of steel pipe laser cutter in China. In some steel industries, although they have advanced pipe cutting technology, it still reveals the phenomenon that low cutting efficiency and poor cutting quality.

steel pipe laser cutter

At present, the quality problems in the process of pipe laser cutting are as follows. Parts corners over-burning, cutting surface inclination, and the circle deforms or cannot be closed when cutting circular parts, etc. These directly leads to serious waste of pipes and low efficiency of pipe cutting production.

For these problems, we can adopt following methods.

1. Increase oxygen pressure.

2. Increase the speed of sharp corner synthesis by software. Professional nesting software is the basis and prerequisite for CNC pipe laser cutting machine to achieve high efficiency and high quality cutting.

3. Laser head with high sensing follow-up system can enable the height of the cutting nozzle and the surface of the work-piece remains unchanged (the focus is unchanged), so that the cutting effect will not affected by the change of the work-piece surface. 

 Aiming at above solutions, targeted implementation will definitely improve the efficiency of steel pipe laser cutting equipment. If you want to get more knowledge about pipe laser cutting equipment, just contact us now.

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