Customer Testimonial – SENFENG’s First Sale of a 40kW Laser Cutting Machine in Japan

As a comprehensive company specializing in car maintenance and repair, development and manufacture of related machinery and tools, as well as import and sales of related businesses, They had previously purchased SENFENG 3015H 6kW laser cutting machine and experienced its excellent performance. Recently, When They learned about SENFENG’s launch of the 40kW laser cutting machine, they had no hesitation in selecting our product once again. In this customer testimonial, we share the story of purchasing SENFENG’s 40kW laser cutting machine.

Having already experienced the reliability and exceptional performance of SENFENG’s 3015H 6kW laser cutting machine, They had complete confidence in our products. The previous integration of our machine into their operations had significantly enhanced their production efficiency and product quality. Recently, as the demand for high-quality and intricately shaped metal parts increased, they realized the need for a cutting-edge solution that could handle diverse materials and deliver exceptional accuracy. Therefore, when They heard about the launch of SENFENG’s 40kW laser cutting machine, they made the decision to upgrade and acquire Senpo’s 40kW laser cutting machine., reaffirming their decision to choose SENFENG as their trusted partner.

During the purchase process, They also faced concerns related to the prevailing economic conditions in Japan, including worries about the lack of improvement in the economic situation and the continuous depreciation of the yen, resulting in potential losses in foreign exchange. However, despite these uncertainties, their trust in SENFENG’s product quality and outstanding after-sales service ultimately led them to make the purchasing decision. The CEO said: “From the initial consultation to the installation and ongoing support, SENFENG’s team displayed professionalism and responsiveness. They addressed our concerns promptly, providing us with the necessary technical support and guidance throughout the entire journey. Their commitment to our success has solidified our trust in SENFENG as a long-term partner.”

This 40kW laser cutting machine boasts remarkable cutting capabilities. Whether it’s metal sheets or complex curved parts, it can quickly and accurately complete cutting tasks. Its high-power laser beam effortlessly penetrates and cuts materials up to several centimeters thick, providing customers with a broader range of cutting options.

Secondly, this laser cutting machine utilizes advanced fiber laser technology, ensuring excellent stability and reliability. By optimizing laser transmission and fiber systems, SENFENG has successfully overcome the issues of energy loss and unstable transmission that are common in traditional laser cutting machines. This means that customers can rely on this 40kW laser cutting machine for large-scale, high-quality cutting work with confidence.

Thirdly, SENFENG paid attention to user experience and cutting efficiency of 40kW laser cutting machine. With its intelligent control system and user-friendly interface design, operators can easily master the machine’s various functions, thereby enhancing work efficiency. Additionally, the machine allows for quick material switching and automatic adjustment of cutting parameters, significantly reducing the time and effort required for switching and manual adjustments.

As the first customer in Japan to acquire SENFENG’s 40kW laser cutting machine, They once again reaffirm their trust and satisfaction with SENFENG’s products. They said, SENFENG’s technological innovation, exceptional quality, and outstanding service have provided them with strong support in enhancing their production capabilities and improving product quality. They have full confidence in the product quality and after-sales service provided by SENFENG and look forward to continuing our partnership to drive the growth of our business.

They will recommend SENFENG’s 40kW laser cutting machine to companies seeking reliable and cutting-edge solutions. With SENFENG’s guidance, they are confident in achieving further breakthroughs and accomplishments in business.

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