Comparison of Plasma Cladding and Laser Cladding

Laser cladding equipment uses a high-energy laser beam as a heat source to cladding powder materials on the surface of parts to prepare high-performance protective coatings, thereby improving the surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties of the material. Plasma cladding is a material surface modification technology that uses plasma beam as a heat source to obtain excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance and other properties on the metal surface. Plasma cladding technology and Laser cladding equipment have different characteristics.


Technical Characteristics

The most important feature of laser cladding is heat concentration, fast heating, fast cooling, and small heat-affected area. Especially for cladding between different materials, it has characteristics that other heat sources cannot match. And because of this special heating and cooling process, the structure of the laser cladding equipment in the fusion casting area is also different from other cladding methods, and can even produce an amorphous structure. This is why the laser cladding equipment does not deform or anneal.

The plasma arc used by the plasma cladding welding machine is an ionizing arc, which has more concentrated heat than the arc welding machine, so the heating speed is faster. In order to obtain a more concentrated ion beam, a high compression ratio aperture and a small current are generally used to control the substrate temperature not to be too high and avoid annealing deformation.


Process Characteristics of Laser Cladding System

(1) The cooling rate is fast, which is a rapid solidification process, and it is easy to obtain a fine-grained structure or produce new phases that cannot be obtained in an equilibrium state, such as unstable phases and amorphous phases.

(2) The coating dilution rate is low, and it has a strong metallurgical bond or interface diffusion bond with the substrate. By adjusting the laser process parameters, a good coating with low dilution rate can be obtained, and the coating composition and dilution rate can be controlled;

(3) The heat input and distortion are small, especially when high power density fast cladding is used, the distortion can be reduced to the assembly tolerance of the part.

(4) There are almost no restrictions on the choice of powder, especially for depositing high melting point alloys on the surface of low melting point metals;

(5) The thickness of the cladding layer is wide, and the thickness of a single-pass powder feeding is 0.2~2.0mm.

(6) It can carry out selective area welding, consumes less material, and has an excellent performance-to-price ratio;

(7) Beam aiming can weld hard-to-reach areas;


Process Characteristics of Plasma Cladding System

(1) Simple pre-treatment: only need to remove rust and dirt to remove the fatigue layer.

(2) Powder feeding: Argon gas is used to feed powder, which requires low precision of feeding and can have a certain slope. This allows manual operation, which is more suitable for metal repair.

(3) Good plasma stability: The plasma has good stability, the formation of the molten pool is also easy to control, the auxiliary materials are fully integrated with the body, and the area is excessively good.

(4) The heating and cooling speed is lower than that of the laser: the molten state is maintained for a long time, which is conducive to the uniform formation of the metallographic structure, and the exhaust scum is better. It has been heated during the powder ejection process and is protected by argon and ion gas. Therefore, the uniformity of the cladding layer is better, and the defects such as slag inclusion in the pores are less.

(5) Material selection: Plasma heating has fewer restrictions on materials and a wider selection of materials. It is easier to cladding carbides and oxides.


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