Common quality problems and solutions in the continuous processing of sheet metal laser cutter

In daily batch processing of steel plates, after continuous processing, the processing quality of sheet metal laser cutter will get worse. We take the setting of processing parameters as the optimal to discuss the causes and solutions.

metal sheet laser cutter

1. Adhering slag after processing for a period of time. The main reason is that the melted metal can not be discharged from the slit. The possible reasons are light path problems of laser head, the change of cutting gas flow and the change of plate temperature after processing. At this point, we can compare the width of the slot between the declining part and the non-decreasing part. If the slit width is different, it is explained that the cutting head lenses is dirty which causes the deviation of the actual focus position and centrality of the laser.

fiber laser cutter


Please clean and disassemble the lenses in a dust-free environment. Observe the laser output head with a microscope of 20 times, and wipe it with a dust-free cotton swab and anhydrous alcohol. 

Do not disassemble optical parts without relevant permission or dis-assembly conditions.

2. Over-burning after processing for a long time.

When processing thick plates for a long time, the processing speed is relatively slow, material temperature rise due to heat accumulation of plate, this phenomenon may lead to over-burning. 


(1) If the nozzle is abnormal or seriously hot, check the internal lenses.

(2) Observe red light with white paper, away from the nozzle or tilted at an angle, if there is a clear shadow in the red light, then the internal lenses is dirty.

(3) The most intuitive judgment method is to observe the fiber output head with a microscope in a dust-free room and observe whether there is any abnormality inside from both ends of the cutting head.

These are the common quality problems and solutions when the fiber laser cutter cutting for a long time. We should take measures in time to avoid these phenomenon. To get more maintenance methods about our laser machine, just contact us now.

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