CoastOne (Cone) Electric Press Brakes FAQ

Do CoastOne electric press brakes cost more than traditional hydraulic press brakes?

CoastOne Electric press brakes may have a higher upfront out-of-pocket cost than similar hydraulic presses; however, you can usually recover the extra costs over the lifetime use in less waste, lower maintenance cost, and energy savings. 

How Accurate are CoastOne press brakes?

The Accuracy of CoastOne electric press brakes makes it the ideal solution for producing complex and intricate parts. This cost savings is especially true if your machine shop works with expensive materials. In this case, an electric press brake is a wise investment because the reduction in scrap creates a faster payback on the upfront cost of the machine.

As a result, the direct-drive system provides extreme accuracy of 0.000079 inches! This incredible accuracy and efficiency make Cone servo-electric press brakes a strong choice in press brake technology for shops that require high precision. 

Do CoastOne press brakes take up a lot of space?

The CoastOne C Series Electric Press Brakes allow high productivity in a smaller space. The smaller C-Frame design (smaller press brakes) will allow extra productivity in a relatively low-cost footprint. The C9, for example, is a 25-ton electric press brake and has a 2.85ft. bed length and features a single ball screw, which makes it an affordable investment, but it is still capable of bending a vast majority of smaller parts. In addition, its small size allows the operator to sit while working, which ensures a high level of ergonomics. 

How do CoastOne Electric press brakes work compared to Hydraulic brakes?

The technology behind the Cone electric press brake is the “direct-drive system,” which uses servo motors directly tied to ball screws for force. Some competitors use a pulley and belt drive system which distributes power across the press brake length using servo motor(s) instead of using two hydraulic actuators. In direct-drive press brakes, the machines administer force by utilizing a servo motor tied directly to a ball screw. The ball screws are positioned evenly across the press brake ram to ensure the force is evenly distributed. This virtually eliminates the need for a crowning system. Utilizing 1 to 6 ball screws in a “direct-drive system” makes CoastOne more efficient and economical than traditional hydraulic systems.

Alternatively, some hydraulic press brakes use two synchronized hydraulic cylinders to power the hydraulic presses that move a beam. Hydraulic press brakes often operate with synchronized hydraulic cylinders that move a piston. With hydraulic drive, you push the piston down when you turn the pump in one direction and lubrication is needed to reduce friction.

Do CoastOne press brakes use less power than hydraulic press brakes?

CoastOne press brakes are servo-electric press brakes that conserve more electricity than conventional hydraulic press brakes. This power savings is because, unlike Hydraulic Press brakes that use hydraulic pumps and heating fluids all day, Cone press brakes only use electricity when in motion. Hence this energy efficiency makes Cone electric press brakes an excellent option for clean and efficient bending machines.

How can I get the highest return when investing in CoastOne press brakes?  

If you need to do a lot of high-precision metal forming, a CoastOne servo-electric machine can be the perfect fit for your project. A Coast one servo-electric press brake is ideal for producing complex or multi-component parts. If you look at the available CoastOne machines on the market, you will see a diverse number of machines that range from 25 to 150 tons of force.   Contact one of our CoastOne experts for selecting one that is perfect for your needs.

What are programming options available with CoastOne Electric Brakes?

Easy Press Brake Programming Cone Omron Control features include:

  • Unlimited Job Storage
  • Unlimited upper tool & lower tool storage
  • Alphanumeric job & tool storage
  • Control developed for the C-Series & G-Series
  • Graphical simulation
  • USB backup
  • Easy to learn, the operator is a pro after 1 day of training
  • All essential bending functions available

Here is a video walking you through the different screens of the new TC15-2D control. This control is used for CoastOne servo-electric press brakes. Programming is extremely simple, compared to competitors. Training on the press brakes typically only takes 1 day. 

When did Automec start offering CoastOne Electric Press Brakes?

Automec became a Certified USA Dealer of CoastOne servo-electric press brakes in 2017. By partnering with industry leader CoastOne, Automec continues to provide cutting-edge press brake technology solutions to its customers. In addition, through its expertise and role as a leader in retrofitting, Automec is advancing the use and popularity of servo-electric press brakes, helping CoastOne penetrate the American market.

The video below is an overview of the CoastOne Servo-Electric Press Brake offered by Automec, Inc. CoastOne press brakes are fully electric and use a direct drive system, rather than belts/pulleys or hydraulic servos. We walk through some of the features and benefits to the direct drive servo technology. Automec is the North American importer of CoastOne press brakes. 

What is the CoastOne Press Brake Warranty?

Cone Press Brakes come with a 1-year warranty on parts and are an innovative, clean, and efficient alternative to hydraulic press brakes.

Does Automec Provide service for CoastOne press brakes, or do I need to contact CoastOne Oy in Finland?

Automec handles sales and service for customers in the U.S, as we have been with our backgauge systems for the last 53 years.   If you have issues with a CoastOne press brake, contact our support team for fast and professional support.

How do I get a quote for a CoastOne Press Brake?

Let’s put a CoastOne C-Series small press brakes in your shop. Contact Automec, Inc. 781-893-3403 Dial 1

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