CO2 Laser Engraving Matryoshka Doll with Rotary Attachment

Matryoshka doll is a special wooden toy produced in Russia. It is generally composed of multiple hollow wooden dolls with the same pattern, up to more than ten, usually cylindrical, with a flat bottom and can stand upright.

The production process of Russian nesting dolls is very sophisticated, and the preparation of the wood alone takes a lot of time. Lime trees and birches are ideal woods for making matryoshka dolls. Generally, when the trees are rich in sap in early spring, the trees are cut down and the bark is peeled off, leaving only a few rings of bark to prevent the wood from cracking. Expose to air for ventilation. If you want to make a medium-sized doll, you need to dry it for two years, and if you want to make a 15-piece doll, then the inner wall of each doll must be very thin, and the requirements for wood are higher. Dry for 5 to 6 years. It is made through processes such as lasting, stamping, and gold inlay. Each doll has to go through 15 processes, and the size is not measured with tools, but determined by the artists based on their feelings and experiences. Their unique handmade designs make the nesting dolls unique and are generally loved by everyone.

Laser engraving Russian matryoshka dolls uses the auxiliary platform of the rotation attachment. The rotation attachment assists in the processing of irregular objects to form a plane, which can be engraved with laser, because the laser generates high-energy beams through the focusing mirror, and then engraves. , if the focal length is not good, the processed products are naturally not good. The left and right of the rotation axis is to make the laser engraver form a moving plane to ensure that the laser is processed on the plane. After the laser engraving machine is equipped with a rotation attachment, there are many items that can be processed a lot.

If a laser engraver needs to add a rotary attachment, it should be equipped with a lifting table to ensure that the rotating attachment can be placed freely on the platform. This is the basic matching method. Some customers also have auto focus for convenience, which greatly reduces the production process.

Do your homework before using the swivel axis.

Firstly, put the platform in a proper position, place the rotating attachment to make it stable, and ensure the yield rate of Matryoshka dolls.

Secondly, turn off the power completely, turn on the rotary axis switch, (the equipment configuration is different, the modification requirements are different. Pay attention to this, do not connect the wrong wires, to prevent damage to the machine) and then turn on the power to make it work normally.

After the preparatory work before processing is done, it can be engraved normally. Be sure to fix the engraved Russian doll to prevent the it from falling off during engraving.

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