CNC Fiber Laser Cutter in Construction Machinery Industry

Construction machinery is an important part of the world’s equipment industry. Today SENFENG LASER will briefly outline why we choose cnc fiber laser cutter in the construction machinery industry to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

Generally speaking, the comprehensive mechanized construction machinery and equipment required for stone construction projects, road construction and maintenance, mobile crane loading and unloading operations, and various construction projects are called construction machinery. It is mainly used in national defense construction projects, transportation construction, energy industry construction and production, mining and other raw material industry construction and production, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy construction, industrial and civil construction, urban construction, environmental protection and other fields.

CNC Fiber Laser Cutter in Construction Machinery Industry

In the 21st century, with the advancement of science and technology, consumers have higher and higher requirements for products, and the development of the market economy has greatly increased people’s requirements for the number of products. Traditional manufacturing methods no longer satisfy the adaptability and competitiveness of enterprises in the market. Innovating production methods and seeking new development are the issues that modern enterprises should consider. With the increasingly fierce competition in the product market, the advantages of product intelligence have been well reflected in the actual operations and applications of many companies. Therefore, it is necessary to realize intelligent development in the field of construction machinery production. Only in this way can produced products meet the requirements of market development, meet the requirements of consumers, and meet the development of the times. Therefore, the cnc fiber laser cutting machine just meet the development needs of the construction machinery industry. Intelligent equipment can not only improve the work efficiency of construction machinery, improve equipment reliability, and reduce maintenance costs, but it can also promote the further development of the intelligentization trend of construction machinery.

The production of construction machinery is inseparable from the application of laser equipment, for example, fiber laser cutting machine for cutting thick plates, mechanical parts, etc.; fiber laser pipe cutting machine is used for cutting mechanical pipe applications, etc.; laser cleaning equipment cleans mechanical metal surfaces heavy oil stains, rust, etc.; laser welding machines weld thick iron plates, parts, etc., in addition, there are laser quenching, laser cladding, metal 3D printing, etc.

Why choose fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting equipment began to be widely used in the construction machinery industry 10 years ago, mainly used for cutting materials such as concrete, cranes, road machines, loaders, port machinery, excavators, fire-fighting machinery, and sanitation machinery.

The cnc fiber laser cutting machine adopts laser head mobile laser cutting method, and with large processing area. The negative pressure crawler working platform is equipped with left and right feeding and rewinding devices, so that unwinding, cutting and rewinding can be done in one process, which greatly reduces the time between procedures and improves In order to improve the work efficiency and processing output, the plate processing equipment can automatically realize all the actions and functions of the plate from loading, measuring length to laser cutting, and then to unloading. Fiber laser equipment can meet the needs of construction machinery manufacturing.

The advantage of the fiber laser cutting machine is that no matter how complicated of the part graphics on the metal sheet, the product can be processed with high precision, realizing one-time cutting and forming without subsequent deburring. The high-end fully automated laser cutting machine have greatly improved the user’s production efficiency.

In recent years, many cnc fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers have tried their best to promote the application of sheet metal laser cutting machines and tube laser cutting machines in the industry, and provide a wide range of industry solutions. Take bulldozers as an example: organic covers, floor wings, bottom guards, trolley frames, main frames, cabs, buckets, booms, sticks, etc. all need laser cutting machines to process. As for why you choose to use a fiber laser cutting machine, because laser cutting with a non-contact processing in the processing, there will be no machine pressure deformation, and the high processing speed, high accuracy, wide application, strong flexibility. 

Application of cnc fiber laser cutter in construction machinery industry

1. In the construction machinery industry, laser machine cutting round holes, when facing a specific plate thickness, as long as the diameter size of the round hole of the workpiece is bigger than or equal to the value of the corresponding minimum diameter, and the roughness and diameter size are required to be guaranteed by the cutting machine, it can processing directly and eliminating the need for drilling procedures and improving labor productivity. For some workpieces with many holes, the laser dot function is used to determine the position of the hole, which saves the time for positioning holes for the subsequent hole drilling process, and also saves the production cost of the drilling template, which not only improves the production efficiency, And the accuracy of the product is improved.

2. In the construction machinery industry, some sheet metal parts, especially some irregularly shaped workpieces, in order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the detection of the blanking parts, the laser cutting machine will best choice, it will make the blanking detection template, such as the support angle on the bulldozer ripper, and the excavator stick big head plate and the boom, etc. For some rolled-formed workpieces, it is necessary to use a template that matches the arc to assist the production and inspection during the production and inspection of the workpiece. In order to improve the accuracy of workpiece production and the efficiency of inspection, in normal circumstances, cnc laser cutting machine is used to produce samples of these workpieces, and the scribing function of the laser cutting machine is used to mark the boundaries of arcs and straight edges on the samples, such as the curved plate of a bulldozer, and the stick of excavator, the bent plate of the boom and the bucket, etc.

3. Because the heat generated is relatively concentrated during cutting when laser cutting machine processing, so it with small heat-affected zone on the workpiece. The laser cutting equipment in the construction machinery industry can effectively control the thermal deformation of the workpiece.

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