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what is the senfeng 3015 cnc 6kw fiber laser cutter machine?

The machine with working table area is 3000mm*1500mm (120in*60in),and with fiber laser device,laser power is 6kw ,it is the senfeng 3015 cnc 6kw fiber laser cutter machine.


what can a 6000w fiber laser cutting machine do ?

6000w fiber laser cutting machine can cut up to 16mm ss,25mm cs,8mm brass,12mm aluminum,see below table for details parameters:

Cutting Speedm/min)(gas
Stainless Steel165 (N2)
230-35 (N2)
318-22 (N2)
410-14 (N2)
58.0-10 (N2)
66.0-7.0 (N2)
84.0-5.0 (N2)
101.8-2.5 (N2)
121.2-2 (N2)
140.8-1.2 (N2)
160.6-0.8 (N2)
Carbon Steel120-45 (N2)
213-18 (O2)
310-15 (O2)
43.9-5.2 (O2)
63.0-4.0 (O2)
82.5-3.5 (O2)
102.0-2.6 (O2)
121.8-2.2 (O2)
141.4-1.7 (O2)
161.2-1.4 (O2)
200.8-1.0 (O2)
250.5-0.7 (O2)
Brass145-55 (N2)
225-35 (N2)
312-15 (N2)
55.0-6.0 (N2)
63.5-4.5 (N2)
81.5-2.0 (N2)
Aluminum155 (N2)
225-30 (N2)
313-18 (N2)
410-13 (N2)
64.0-5.0 (N2)
83.0-3.5 (N2)
101.5-2.0 (N2)
121.3-1.8 (N2)

How much is the 3015 cnc 6000w fiber laser cutter machine?

The cost of cnc 3015 6000w fiber laser cutter machine varies in accordance with different laser device (IPG,Raycus,Senfeng).A new 6000w fiber laser cutting machine can cost from  $60k to $120k

, identify your needs and get an instant quote for SENFENG fiber laser cutting machine now.

which brand is the most cost-efficient?

Firstly, to choose a suitable fiber laser cutting machine, we need to find out your needs and your budget;secondly,inspect the brand reviews and service.We senfeng as a leading manufacturer of fiber laser cutter machine in China,which has 17 years experience in this field,has exported laser machines to more than 180 countries.To learn more details about senfeng laser ,just contact us  by send e-mail to [email protected] or send message to whatsapp +86-13210546543.

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