China International Industry Fair-SENFENG LEIMING LASER

SENFENG LEIMING LASER sincerely invites you to China International Industry Fair which is a 5 days event being held from 17th to the 21st September, 2019 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. Our booth number is IBEC D17. We are sincerely invite you to our booth.

China International Industry Fair

Now, our machine maximum laser power can up to 30000W, we will show our 30000W SF4020H4 ultra-high fiber laser cutting machine to the site. The birth of 30000W laser machine is a breakthrough of our R&D center, will have a profound impact on the development of China’s heavy industry. We will also bring 15000W SF6020H4 full cover fiber laser cutting machine, 6000W SF6020H3 fiber laser cutter,3000W SF6020T professional laser tube cutting machine, 1500W SF3015G fiber laser cutter, 1000W 3D Robot laser cutting machine, 750W Robot laser welding machine, SF200CL fiber laser cleaning machine and 1000W handheld laser welding machine to the exhibition.  

Here is the exhibition information:

Exhibition name: China International Industry Fair

Add: National Exhibition and Convention Center

Date:17-21, September, 2019

Our booth: IBEC D17

We will bring various metal samples to the site. Now contact us and sign the contract at the exhibition site, you will get a big discount, so come on to join us at the China International Industry Fair. If you are ready to join us, just contact us as soon as possible.



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