China Best Laser Welding Machine Manufactuer

I.Which laser welding machine manufacturer is good in China?

At present, there are many large and small laser machine manufacturers in China that produce laser welding machines. The prices and quality of the machines on the market are also uneven, so how to choose? I recommend Senfeng, the best steel laser welding machine manufacturer in China.Next, let me introduce the laser welding machine in detail

II.what is the laser welding machine?

Laser welding is a welding method that uses a focused laser beam as an energy source to bombard the weldment with the heat generated. Because laser has optical properties such as refraction and focusing, laser welding is very suitable for welding micro-parts and parts with poor accessibility. Laser welding also has the characteristics of low heat input, small welding deformation, and is not affected by electromagnetic fields.

Laser welding is one of the important aspects of the application of laser material processing technology. The welding process is of thermal conductivity type, that is, the surface of the workpiece is heated by laser radiation, and the surface heat is diffused to the inside through thermal conduction. By controlling the parameters of the width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency of the laser pulse, the workpiece is melted to form a specific molten pool. Because of its unique advantages, it has been successfully applied to precision welding of micro and small parts.

III.Classification of laser welding machines

According to the control method, it can be divided into: manual laser welding machine, automatic laser welding machine, galvanometer laser welding machine

According to the laser can be divided into: YAG laser welding machine, semiconductor laser welding machine, fiber laser welding.

IV.Advantages and disadvantages of laser welding

1. The heat input can be reduced to the minimum required amount, the metallographic change range of the heat-affected zone is small, and the deformation caused by heat conduction is also the lowest;

2. There is no need to use electrodes, and there is no concern about electrode contamination or damage. And because it is not a contact welding process, the wear and deformation of the machine tool can be minimized;

3. The laser beam can be focused on a small area, and small and closely spaced parts can be welded;

4. A wide range of materials that can be welded, and various heterogeneous materials can also be joined to each other;

5. When welding thin materials or thin-diameter wires, it will not be as easy to be troubled as arc welding;

6. The device can be switched to transmit the laser beam to multiple workstations;

7. Simple operation and high degree of softness.

1. The position of the weldment must be very precise and must be within the focus range of the laser beam;

2. When the weldment needs to use a fixture, it must be ensured that the final position of the weldment needs to be aligned with the welding point impacted by the laser beam;

3. For materials with high reflectivity and high thermal conductivity, such as aluminum, copper and their alloys, the weldability will be changed by laser;

4. The equipment is expensive

V.Application of fiber laser welding machine

1. Manufacturing

Laser welding technology is widely used in car manufacturing. According to statistics, in 2000, there were more than 100 laser tailor-welded production lines for cutting blanks worldwide, with an annual output of 70 million tailor-welded blanks for car components, and continued to grow at a relatively high rate.

2. Digital 3C industry

Laser welding has been widely used in the digital 3C industry, especially in the mobile phone microelectronics industry. Due to the small heat-affected zone, rapid heating concentration, and low thermal stress of laser welding, it has shown unique advantages in the packaging of integrated circuits and semiconductor device casings.

3. Medical industry

The welding seam of the medical equipment laser welding machine is smooth and beautiful, and will not cause deformation of the welded product. The laser welding technology hardly produces welding slag and debris, and there is no need to add any adhesive during the welding process, so it can be used in a clean room. Complete the entire welding work. It has a good effect on the welding of medical appliances, stainless steel seals and structural parts of medical appliances.

VI.Cost of fiber laser welding system

The cost of senfeng fiber laser welder is around 14000 USD

VII.How to use SENFENG LEIMING laser welder machine?

Watch our video on youtube,you will learn how to operate our handheld fiber laser welding machine.

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