Chat with Moldova customer for 220T3200 bending machine

First of all, wechat received an inquiry about the bending machine from a customer in Moldova

After reviewing our detailed product catalog (which not only contains detailed introduction of our company but also lists various machines and models for customers to choose), a Moldovan customer expressed interest in our press 3000mm with 200T power 6+1 axes delta DA66T.We updated the detailed quotation of this Press brake and introduced the relevant accessories, especially some standard functions and additional functions of the DA66T. We also sent the detailed introduction of the DA66T to the customer for reference.

Second: Solve customer’s major problem in purchasing machine and confirm contract

After checking the quotation in detail, the customer put forward where can i see the press brake and is it possible to come and take a look at that machine,because i could be tomorrow in Nanjing.

We would like to welcome you to visit our factory. At present, our factory has electro-hydraulic Press brake DA66T and DA69T, as well as high-end pump controlled Press brake, which can show the bending function on site. Afterwards, we will arrange a visit time with the customer on Monday, and we will also have a dedicated car to receive the customer. This will facilitate the customer to directly take our car to our factory after arriving at the airport

On Monday, we led our customers to visit our factory and provided a detailed introduction to the differences between DA66T and DA69T, as well as the possibility of replacing the ESA system due to the shortage of Delem systems. And introduced optional accessories, including laser finger protection device, main clothing device, and pump control device.

Finally: sign PI and approve the color, voltage and other information of the machine

Finally, the customer chose to replace the original Delem system with the ESA875 system, upgrading the configuration to a pump control device, and adding a DSP laser finger protection device

After the customer returned to Moldova, they contacted us to confirm the contract and some related details, and we are also very grateful for their trust and choice in Primapress company.

bending machine
bending machine

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