Characteristics and Industry Application of Laser Cladding Machine

Laser cladding adopts high energy laser as heat source and metal alloy powder as welding material. The laser and alloy powder (or wire material) act synchronously on the metal surface to melt rapidly to form a molten pool, and then rapidly solidify to form a dense, uniform and controllable metallurgical bonding layer.

Compared with many traditional surface treatment technologies, senfeng laser cladding machine has the following significant advantages and characteristics:

1.High metallurgical bonding strength. Laser cladding takes advantage of the extremely high energy concentration of the high-energy laser beam, which instantly melts the surface of the workpiece, and at the same time completely melts the alloy powder preset on the surface of the workpiece or automatically sent in synchronization with the laser beam.

2. Hardness and thickness are optional. After laser cladding, the hardness of the cladding layer can be selected from HRC20-62, and the cladding thickness can be adjusted according to the need.

3.Wear and corrosion resistance. Laser cladding can be applied on the surface of common carbon steel workpiece, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and has excellent performance.

4.Reduce costs and energy consumption. Laser cladding can form a high-performance alloy functional layer on a low-cost substrate by forming a metallurgical bond, alloy coating with different alloy composition and performance on the surface of the substrate, saving material costs.

5.High cladding quality. Small deformation, good mechanical repeatability, compact interface structure, fine grain, no holes, no cracks and other defects.

After decades of development, laser cladding technology has been widely used in metallurgical industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, transportation, machinery manufacturing, mold industry, hardware tools and other industries from the laboratory into the actual industrial application.

Metallurgical industry

The traditional method is mainly to replace the parts of these equipment, or even because the parts can not be used to scrap or replace the whole machine, damage and failure and scrap parts or the whole machine is basically treated as waste, resulting in a large amount of waste of resources. Laser cladding can repair the equipment on the parts of metal base material preparation of high-performance alloy surface, can significantly improve the surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance and electric performance, not only can prolong the service life of the new parts, also can have wear parts for cladding repair, restore its original size, thereby reducing the cycle of replacement parts.

Coal mining machinery industry

The characteristics of mining machinery and equipment: bulky, expensive, difficult to load and unload, and heavy maintenance work. Therefore, when the parts stop running due to wear and damage, it will cause huge economic losses. Laser cladding can remanufacture the surface of new and old parts, such as hydraulic cylinders, column laser cladding, etc., thereby effectively improving the wear and corrosion resistance of the parts and prolonging the service life of the parts.

Petrochemical industry

In the petrochemical industry, it is particularly important to maintain the equipment parts regularly because the equipment works in the harsh environment for a long time, which is easy to make the products corroded and worn. Laser cladding can repair the failed parts by cladding, restore the original size, and effectively restore the use of equipment.

Laser cladding solves the problems such as the limitation of material selection, the thermal stress, the thermal deformation in the process, the coarse grain size of the material, and the difficulty in guaranteeing the bonding strength with the matrix, which cannot be solved by the traditional repair method. It can even produce a metal surface superior to the substrate, which can effectively extend the service life of parts while restoring the use of parts, and greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises. If you want to know more about laser cladding machine price, please contact senfeng.

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