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With the development of laser technology,  laser welding technology is becoming more and more mature. However, during actual welding process, there will be various problems for various reasons, how to identify the causes of welding quality problems and how to solve the problems, these are very important parts of the process management. Today SENFENG LEIMING LASER will tell you causes and solutions of welding quality problems in laser welding equipment.

1. Find the reasons of poor welding quality.

First, check the welding quality of welding products. Generally, there are two methods: visual inspection and destructive inspection.

Visual inspection, it is the staff to determine whether the welding product is qualified based on their rich work experience, but it’s not enough to make a conclusion, then requires destructive inspection, that is to tear the welding base metal to confirm whether the welding quality is qualified.

Second, analyze the causes according to the phenomenon.

Generally, if the welding process is poor, there may be a problem with the welding material, it is necessary to change the material or change the wave setting process condition of laser welding equipment to solve the welding quality problem.

(1).If welding failure occurs continuous in the same part of the  welded product, it is likely that there is a problem with the workbench and clamp.

(2).If there is welding penetration and virtual welding phenomenon, you can check the energy stability of the machine.

2. Solutions of welding quality problems.

Strengthen the welding quality assurance management.

During the welding process, first, test the welding pressure with pressure tester regularly, to ensure the pressure keep unchanged, at the same time, it is necessary to check the operation status of the machine head frequently.

Second, we must strengthen the monitoring of current , to avoid the  poor performance caused by the fluctuation of the power supply voltage and overload operation of the laser welding machine.

Third, consider changes of workpiece thickness, coating thickness, metal composition, etc, to avoid welding defects and reduce the loss rate of welding products.

These are the causes and solutions of welding quality problems in laser welding equipment. If you want to get more details about our machine, do not hesitate to contact us.

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