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In summer, the temperature rises, many cutting equipment may heat during use, resulting in some minor faults. So in order to avoid break down of steel laser cutter, we should take measures to maintain machine regularly to prolong machine life.    

1. Make sure that the temperature of cooling water should not be too much different from the air.

Both laser generator and optical lenses are using water cooling method to cool down, when the temperature of cooling water is 5-7 ℃ which lower than the room temperature, there will be water condensate on the surface of laser generator and lenses, to a great extent, affects the laser light output efficiency and optical lens transmission, and has a great impact on the laser energy and the service life of optical accessories.

It is suggested that users set the water temperature to 30-32 degrees and control the difference between cooling water temperature and room temperature more than 7 degrees. 

2. Check the internal pressure of the water chiller

In summer, when the temperature rises, the working pressure of the cooling system increases, it is recommended to check the internal pressure of the cooler and maintain it before the high temperature comes. We should consult the equipment manufacturers for specific parameters before maintenance.

3. Use formal distilled water or pure water for cooling water

Due to the higher temperature in summer, the deterioration rate of the steel laser cutting machine cooling water will also accelerate,users should use formal distilled or pure water, and clean the scale regularly, in order not to affect the laser power.  

4. Pay attention to the working condition of the cooling fan

Since metal powder is the mainly dust of steel laser cutter, we should clean the dust in the electrical cabinet and check the working condition of the cooling fan.

In summer, scientific maintenance can avoid some small problems effectively of steel laser cutter, effectively improve the performance and service life of some parts, and virtually improve the work efficiency. To learn more knowledge about our machine, please contact us asap.

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