Can laser cutting make money? Is the profit of laser processing high?

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With the increasing evaluation of the development prospects of laser equipment from the outside world, many investors have expressed their willingness to invest in laser cutting machines, On the other hand, they are concerned about “Is it really profitable to do laser cutting machines?” “Is there any case for reference? Indeed, the cost of laser cutting machines is relatively high, and it requires careful analysis and rational reference when investing. The manufacturer of Xintian Laser Laser Cutting Machines will briefly introduce these issues to you:

Do laser cutting machines make money?

To understand whether laser cutting machines make money, let’s first understand the relationship between the calculation multiples of laser cutting processing costs. Laser cutting is generally 400 to 1000 units per hour, and regional differences are relatively large. Hefei and Shenzhen in Zhejiang are relatively cheap. Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places are relatively expensive. This is significantly different from your region, as the prices of sheet metal materials and labor costs vary in that region, so the quotations may also vary, but the price fluctuations must be within this range and not exceed this range.

Many companies do not necessarily calculate costs based on the laser cutting process, but rather quote based on the length of the cutting line. Carbon steel plate is generally 1.5 times the thickness of the plate per meter, which means that the cost of cutting 4MM carbon steel plate per meter=4 * 1.5=6 yuan/meter. The algorithm on the market price is generally: the price of cutting one meter=the thickness of the plate to be cut × 1.5 (price excluding material fees, customer processing with materials) (For example, compare the price of laser cutting a 6mm low-carbon steel plate for one meter to 6 (plate thickness) × 1.5=9 yuan/meter, and the price for 10mm low-carbon steel laser cutting per meter is: 10 (plate thickness) × 1.5=15 yuan/meter, the price for 12mm laser cutting of low-carbon steel for one meter is: 12 (plate thickness) × 1.5=18 yuan/meter, according to this formula, the price for cutting one meter with different thicknesses can be obtained. The price for stainless steel per meter is generally 2.5 times the thickness of the plate, and the price for aluminum per meter is generally 4 times the thickness of the plate.

At the same time, if it is necessary to open a hole in the middle of the plate, a piercing fee will be charged. The piercing fee generally varies from 0.4 yuan to 2 yuan depending on the thickness of the steel plate. Some companies also charge for air operations, typically multiplying the total price by 1.2 times. Some companies do not charge empty runs, and prices can be cheap for large quantities. Of course, the specific price is greatly related to the size of the processing volume, the shape of the part (by contrast, it is filled with small holes, and it cannot be calculated in meters), whether it includes shipping costs, and whether it is processed with materials. Therefore, there will be fluctuations in general factories or processing plants, which will be automatically measured based on the quantity.

On the other hand, the investment cost of laser cutting machines, combined with equipment losses, water and electricity costs, labor costs, and raw material costs, can be quickly withdrawn even if the initial investment in equipment costs exceeds 500000, based on a daily turnover of 24000. Sustainable development and high profits.

2、 The profit of laser cutting machines is not high.

Laser cutting machine equipment is very suitable for users with low investment costs, with the advantages of low investment and short payback period. However, when considering the price of a laser cutting machine, the value it brings is even more important. In other words, it depends on whether the performance and advantages of laser cutting machines are worth the investment. The following will introduce the performance advantages of small sand making machines:

1. Small floor area and good production effect.

The laser cutting machine has small volume and small floor area. Multiple molding processes can be integrated to save equipment investment. Adopting a special structural design, the body is sturdy and durable, and the finished workpiece produced has a good shape and uniform cutting.

2. High degree of automation and high production efficiency.

The laser cutting machine has a high degree of automation, simple operation, high production efficiency, and adopts special advanced operating principles, with a good human-computer interaction experience. It is a device with excellent performance, high cost performance, and wide application, which is very suitable for beginners to use.

Low investment cost and low consumption of vulnerable parts.

The laser cutting machine has a low investment cost, a production capacity that can meet the needs of metal processing plants, and a small consumption of vulnerable parts. Therefore, it effectively reduces maintenance costs and operating costs in the later stage.

In summary, many users have already understood the profits of laser cutting machines. The design, process, and ecological environment protection effects of the improved laser cutting machine are in line with future development trends. Now investing in laser cutting projects is not only profitable, but also provides a continuous stream of products for the market. Finished metal materials with stable quality.

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