Building decoration industry adopts metal fibre laser cutting machine with high efficiency

Building decoration industry adopts metal fibre laser cutting machine with high efficiency
XT metal laser cutting machine
Construction industry and decoration industry have a large number of metal plates, tubes need to be processed into a variety of parts to meet a variety of different needs, metal laser cutting machine in this industry also has a wide range of applications, especially home decoration decoration industry tubes, plates can be processed. So what are the specific applications of laser cutting machine in the construction and decoration industry?
First, steel structure
In the construction industry, the use of steel structure is becoming increasingly widespread, as a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly building system, known as the 21st century, “green building” one of the reasonable use of metal materials, for the architectural design to provide a greater space to play. Behind one amazing all-steel building is a piece of steel plate parts of different shapes. The creation of steel plate parts requires the use of laser cutting technology. From the Beijing Olympic Games on the stunning global giant portal steel frame “Bird’s Nest”, to the world’s largest steel dome National Centre for the Performing Arts, have its figure.
Second, home decoration
In addition, metal screens, stainless steel guardrails, metal doors and windows, hardware and sanitary ware and other common metal materials can also be cut by laser.
The advantages of the Daqi Superpower laser cutting machine are:
1, high speed, high efficiency, high performance
2, high precision, low cost, simple operation
3, processing a wide range of materials, processing technology advanced, flexible
4, energy saving, environmental protection, simple maintenance
5, high technology, high reliability, electrical cabinet integrated design
6、High cost performance
7、High-end atmosphere, beautiful and practical, safety and protection design.
8、Small thermal deformation, high transmission precision.
9、Wide range of applications, low operating costs.
10、Clean, safe, no pollution.
11, fast cutting speed, narrow cutting slit, smooth cutting surface, less material consumption.
12, safety, stable performance.
13, light path system and control system is reliable and stable.
14, Superior performance, high computing speed, perfect function.
15, easy to operate, low maintenance costs.
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