Bending Center – Intelligent Panel box folding machine Flexible Bending Center

The bending center focuses on solving various complex sheet metal and bending problems in metal forming. It can be widely used in fields such as steel cabinet shells (file cabinets, tool cabinets, outer shields, electrical cabinets, communication cabinets, gas cabinets, water meter cabinets), kitchen utensils (refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves), furniture, ventilation, refrigeration, purification, the door industry, decoration, elevators, and other related metal forming fields, making it suitable for bending different types of workpieces.

The bending center benefits from an angle correction database and servo electric technology, achieving excellent bending quality.

The bending center can automatically create multiple bends for each side, including up/down bends and flat or curved bends. The suction cup feeder replaces traditional bending center operation devices, expanding the range of bent products.

The bending center body is equipped with a high-precision temperature-controlled furnace, which undergoes annealing heat treatment according to the temperature curve corresponding to the material, followed by full frequency vibration aging treatment for a sufficient period to release internal stress, ensuring long-term stability and overall accuracy of the system.

The servo system of the Intelligent Panel Box Folding Machine Flexible Bending Center adopts a pure electric servo full closed-loop system, supporting up to 16-axis concurrent linkage. In actual use, 9-axis (11-axis) concurrent linkage is applied, ensuring smooth bending actions and highly coordinated mechanical operations. The machine efficiently completes various complex action combinations, and overall work efficiency is very high. The daily maintenance workload is minimal, with a self-lubricating system for the entire machine. When the oil level is below the specified value, the system automatically alarms, requiring only the addition of lubricating grease according to program prompts.

The feeding system of the Intelligent Panel Box Folding Machine Flexible Bending Center offers multiple options. The suction cup feeding method is simple, convenient, easy to operate, and safe.

The Intelligent Panel Box Folding Machine Flexible Bending Center has rich software and hardware interfaces, allowing connection with conventional mechanical arms on the market. Specific selections can be made according to user needs. It is compatible with various loading and unloading methods: manual loading and unloading, truss robot loading and unloading, and robotic arm loading and unloading.

The Intelligent Panel Box Folding Machine Flexible Bending Center uses a universal bending mold and achieves various bending shapes through multi-axis concurrent linkage full servo control, capable of bending complex shapes such as right angles, non-right angles, arcs, and up/down folds.

The Intelligent Panel Box Folding Machine Flexible Bending Center has low technical requirements for workers. Ordinary workers can operate the machine after training, without needing experienced and skilled workers. Additionally, the bending process is fully automated, greatly saving labor and reducing workers’ labor intensity.

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Classification of Intelligent Flexible Panel Box Folding Center Bending Centers:

1. PM suction cup series flexible Panel box folding center bending centers

The equipment can automatically fold up according to the bending process.

2. PM-S series (thin plate) flexible Panel box folding center bending centers

The equipment can automatically fold up and down according to the bending process to achieve combination bending of arcs, pressed edges, and various angles.

3. PM-HS series (thick plate) flexible Panel box folding center bending centers. Thick plate bending has been added on the basis of thin plates.

The intelligent flexible bending center can be applied to industries such as file cabinets, aluminum veneer curtain walls, stainless steel kitchenware, chassis and cabinets, laboratory construction, and metal doors.

In summary, the automatic tool-changing technology for flexible Panel Box Folding Center Bending Centers plays an important role in the modern mechanical manufacturing industry due to its high efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, and automation. By applying this technology, enterprises can improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce labor costs, and enhance market competitiveness. With continuous technological progress and the expansion of application fields, the automatic tool-changing technology of flexible Panel Box Folding Center Bending Centers will play an increasingly significant role in the industry.


Applications of multilateral Panel box folding machine Flexible bending machine center

The multilateral bending center uses a universal bending mold, and bending any workpiece does not require changing the mold.

Applicable objects: those that require high bending accuracy, complex bending, and large quantities.

At present, the top, bottom, side, door, back, and layer panels of screen panels and file cabinets are all completed on automatic bending machines. Simply put, except for bar shaped parts such as columns and reinforcing ribs that are processed on a regular bending machine, all other plate shaped parts are completed at the bending center.

Characteristics of multilateral bending centers Flexible bending machine center

Energy saving; Low maintenance costs; Higher precision and quality; Having higher productivity and faster programming efficiency; Complete protection for operators.

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