ATC CNC Stone Cutting Machine for Hand Washing Sink

Traditional stone cutting work such as hand washing sink making is commonly done manually, which is dirty and tiring, and many people suffer from pneumoconiosis. The labor cost is getting higher and higher, the profit is getting lower and lower, and the environmental protection situation is getting stricter and stricter. Many stone countertop processing factories are hard to maintain and have closed down. Powerful stone processing factories began to seek breakthroughs in various aspects such as reducing labor costs, increasing production efficiency, improving product quality, increasing product diversity, and improving the processing environment. In the end, these problems can only be solved by adopting advanced production equipment.

ATC CNC stone cutting machine is an automatic machining center for finishing stone countertops. Its main function is to cut marble, quartz stone, etc., grind Roman edge, polish, R-arc, open hole, engrave, etc. after grinding, this equipment can realize automatic tool change during processing, and integrate the whole processing technology into one , One-time processing and molding, the processing process does not require manual intervention, and the degree of automation is relatively high. Moreover, the working environment is cleaner, and the dust-free processing meets the requirements of the current environmental protection situation.

The operation of the CNC stone cutting machine is simple. General workers can operate it after two or three days of training. There is no need to hire a master, which reduces labor costs. The equipment is processed at one time, and the cutting efficiency is higher. The cutting volume in one day can be equivalent to several days of work by the master. The machining of the equipment is carried out in strict accordance with the predetermined procedures, the cutting and polishing are very stable, and the processed products are smooth and without ripples, which improves the product quality. Equipment processing is more flexible, whether it is straight-edge processing or special-shaped table processing, it is very simple. You only need to set it in the software design for the shape of the table and the process you want.

The pressure of competition in the industry is increasing. If we want to gain a foothold in the industry and become bigger and stronger, we must constantly break through and innovate. If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. The use of advanced production equipment is a great boost to the development of enterprises.

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