AsservimentiPresse’s journey through three decades of history

ASSERVIMENTIPRESSE SRL specializes in designing and manufacturing press feeding lines capable of handling coils with widths ranging from 200 to 2000 mm and thicknesses from 0.3 to 17 mm

AsservimentiPresse was established in 1989 by its founding partners with thirty years of experience and has been operating in the sheet metal processing market for 35 years. Through process optimization, it offers a quality and cutting-edge product range that includes both traditional and compact lines.

Traditional plants consist of three machines: reel, straightener, and electronic feeder, and are used when production speeds are very high and the processed materials have a delicate surface.
In this field, a system with automatic strip introduction has been developed, allowing for saving over 70% of the time spent on coil changeovers. When the previous strip exits the straightener, the double reel automatically rotates and threads the strip into the plant, while the press continues production. At the end of the strip, the operator already finds the next strip at the press entrance.

Traditional plants VS compact lines

Compact lines, on the other hand, comprise only two machines: reel and feeding straightener, solving the problem of feeding presses in confined spaces. Furthermore, thanks to energy-saving technology, they can save from 10% to 50% of energy. In these machines, hydraulic parts in the functional cycle are replaced with electric motors.

Traditional and compact lines can be equipped with cutting systems, which are generally used together with transfers. Special lines for servo presses are also produced; these are versatile systems capable of working with various types of strips with a wide range of widths and thicknesses. They are highly efficient and energy-efficient, suitable for various applications.

To date, the company has installed over 4,000 systems worldwide and exports its technology to over 20 countries across Europe, America, and Asia.

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