Ask the Expert: Program Editing on M800 Control

In this Ask the Expert video, MC Machinery’s wire EDM applications expert Trent Langellier shares insight on the M800 control while using our MV1200 wire EDM.

Sometimes as an operator it’s necessary to manually edit the G Code in a program. This can prove to sometimes be very difficult trying to find the exact point that you want to edit especially in very long programs. Sometimes you need to sift through hundreds or thousands of lines of code to find the spot that you want to change.

After checking the program, the tool path will be displayed on the screen. When a line of geometry is selected in the program, the corresponding line of G Code will be tagged over on the left where it shows the program. From that point, you’ll be able to make your edits from there. This is going to be a very useful tool for inexperienced or even experienced operators to make quick changes to the G Code.

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