Applications of Laser Cladding Machine

Laser cladding equipment uses a high-energy laser beam as a heat source to cladding powder materials on the surface of parts to prepare high-performance protective coatings, thereby improving the surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties of the material. The metal additive manufacturing processes has been widely used in the metallurgical industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, power machinery industry, machinery manufacturing, textile industry, hardware tools and other industries.

 laser cladding machine

Laser Cladding Machine in the Metallurgical Industry

In the steel industry, important parts such as rolls and rolling mills on various steel rolling production lines are easily damaged. In this regard, the traditional method is mainly to replace these equipment parts, and sometimes even replace the entire machine because the parts are unusable. These damaged and scrapped parts or machines are basically treated as waste products, resulting in a lot of waste of resources. However, laser cladding equipment can prepare high-performance alloy surfaces on the metal substrates of parts and components, which can significantly improve its surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and oxidation resistance. The laser cladding system can not only extend the service life of new parts, but also repair the worn parts and restore their original dimensions, thereby reducing the cycle of replacing parts.


Laser Cladding Machine in the Metallurgical Industry

Laser Cladding Equipment in the Coal Industry

In the coal industry, due to the harsh working environment, some important metal parts are corroded and worn. In addition, coal mining machinery is bulky, expensive, difficult to load and unload, and heavy maintenance work. Therefore, when the parts stop running due to wear and damage, it will cause huge economic losses. Laser cladding equipment can manufacture the surface of new and old parts by metal additive manufacturing processes, such as hydraulic cylinders, column laser cladding, etc., thereby effectively improving the wear and corrosion resistance of the parts and prolonging the service life of the parts.


Laser Cladding Equipment in the Coal Industry

Laser Cladding System in the Petrochemical industry

The modern petrochemical industry basically adopts a continuous mass production mode. During the production process, the machine works in a harsh environment for a long time, resulting in damage, corrosion, and wear of the components in the equipment. Among them, the parts that often cause problems include valves, pumps, impellers and large rotor journals, discs, bushings, bearings, etc. These components are very expensive and have a wide variety of shapes, and they are very difficult to repair. However, the metal additive manufacturing processes of laser cladding machine can restore these components to their original performance and extend the service life of these components.


Laser Cladding System in the Petrochemical industry

Laser Metal Deposition in the Electrical Machinery Industry

Due to the large distribution of power equipment and uninterrupted operation, the probability of damage to its parts is very high. Steam turbine is the core equipment of thermal power generation. Due to the special working conditions of high temperature and heat, it is necessary to repair damaged unit parts, such as main shaft diameter and moving blades, on a regular basis every year. Using metal additive manufacturing processes can repair all defects intact, restore its performance and reduce costs.


Laser Metal Deposition in the Electrical Machinery Industry 

Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes in the Textile Industry

The use of equipment in the textile industry is characterized by high utilization, the work site is full of flammable materials, and open flame operations are not allowed on the site. In the textile industry, laser cladding machine can be used not only to restore the repair and surface strengthening of various shafts, sliders, rollers, motors, bearings, etc., but also to perform on-site repairs and non-disintegration repairs, thereby reducing downtime losses and reducing maintenance cycle of the equipment, which provides a new means for the maintenance of textile industry equipment.


 Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes in the Textile Industry


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