Application of Tube Laser Cutting Machine in Furniture Industry

In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of the laser industry, the practicality of laser cutting technology has also been continuously improved. Metal furniture has evolved from the only beds and frames in the past to sofas, tables and chairs and other different forms. The materials are also The development from metal materials to various light-weight and high-strength alloy materials has added a new and more beautiful decoration to the furniture.

At present, there are some problems in steel furniture manufacturing industry, such as complicated working procedure, difficult tube processing, poor processing precision, low efficiency and high human cost. Compared with traditional processing methods,tube laser cutter has the advantages of arbitrary graphics, arbitrary adjustment of size and depth, high precision, fast speed, smooth cutting without burr, automatic typesetting, and no mold consumption.

The new main force in metal pipe processing: optical fiber laser cutting, as a new sharp tool in metal processing in recent years, has come from behind and is gradually replacing the traditional cutting, punching, drilling, saw and other methods. Compared with the traditional processing method, tube laser cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. The tube laser cutting machine  can cut any shape that has been programmed on the stainless steel pipe, without the need to open the mold twice, reducing the production cost.

2. Compared with flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting and other traditional processing equipment, laser cutting metal plate precision is much higher, different materials in the processing process may occur in the micro telescopic deformation, laser pipe cutting machine can be adjusted according to these deformation, which is also more than many traditional processes.

3. The tube laser cutter has centralized operation, flexible processing, automatic loading and unloading, and convenient and fast clamping.

4. The metal tube laser cutter uses  precision rack double drive mode, which is easy to maintain and maintain, and is basically maintenance-free.

5. Automated batch production of pipes: After the bundles of pipes are put into the automatic loader, it is started by one button, and the pipes are automatically fed, divided, loaded, clamped, fed, cut, and unloaded in one go.

6.  Tube laser cutting machine adopts imported special pipe cutting software and has the core technology of efficient cutting, which is the fundamental guarantee of effectively saving material and improving cutting efficiency.

Tube laser cutting machine used in furniture manufacturing, in addition to reduce part of manpower cost, also can in the production of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, oblique cutting step, the most important thing is that after laser cutting machine processed pipe don’t need to do a secondary processing, can be directly to these parts used in the next procedure, this virtually saved a lot of busywork. If you want to know more about our products, please contact senfeng .

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