Application of Small Fiber Laser Cutter Machine in Metal Billboard

Nowadays, shopping centers are the urban space of people’s new lifestyle. For the merchants in the same shopping center, they can win more consumers to spend in their stores by placing conspicuous billboards. Small fiber laser cutter machine plays an important role in cutting metal billboards.

Traditional machining method is not high enough precision, cutting surface is rough, need to go through the second grinding, time-consuming labor. The most commonly used materials in the advertising industry are mainly stainless steel and other metal materials, and small fiber laser cutter has an obvious processing advantage in processing metal materials.

1.Flexible and fast. Small fiber laser cutter can cut any special-shaped metal products, without being limited by the shape, and the operation is flexible, only the graphics can be input through the CAD to achieve fast cutting;

2.Save materials. Through reasonable typesetting, the utilization rate of metal plates can be maximized, materials can be saved to the greatest extent, and cost waste can be reduced;

3. Save labor and mold costs. Laser cutting machine is used to cut metal without mold opening, which completely eliminates the production cost of mold. At the same time, the laser cutting machine is highly efficient, cutting quality is good, no need for post-polishing treatment, greatly reduce the labor cost.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection. The use of laser cutting machine for cutting reduces air pollution, noise pollution, etc., makes the company’s production workshop cleaner, and reduces the generation of waste.

The development direction of advertising industry, the characteristics of small fiber laser cutter machine is exactly in line with this trend, with its excellent cost performance, for advertising enterprises to provide a strong guarantee for their profitability.If you want to know more about our products,please contact us.

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