Application of Metal Tube Cutting Machine in Furniture Industry

In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of the laser industry, the practicality of laser cutting technology has continued to increase, and it has also begun to be applied to all walks of life. Metal furniture has evolved from the only bed and frame in the past to sofas, tables and chairs and other different forms. The metal tube cutting machine plays an important advantage in the metal furniture industry.

Traditional steel furniture generally has complicated processing procedures in the processing; the pipe specification span is large, and it is easy to produce waste; the processing accuracy is low, and it takes more manpower and more procedures to improve the accuracy of pipe processing, thereby reducing the pipe processing accuracy. Efficiency, increased the cost of metal furniture pipe processing.

Compared with the traditional processing methods, tube laser cutting machine in metal furniture pipe processing has the advantages of arbitrary graphics, size and depth adjustment at will, high accuracy, fast speed, smooth cut without burr, automatic typesetting materials, no mold consumption and so on. At the same cost, the same output,metal tube cutting machine can provide more kinds of furniture products, ensure the processing accuracy at the same time, to achieve the diversification of furniture products and multi-function, better adapt to people’s needs for the diversification of home decoration, personalized, to a greater extent to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Metal tube cutting machine used in furniture manufacturing, in addition to reducing a part of the labor pay, but also in the processing and production of carving, oblique cutting and other steps, the most important is after the laser pipe cutting machine processing does not need to be secondary processing, can be directly used in the next process of these parts. Senfeng laser focus on the development and production of pipe cutting machine, if you want to know more about our products, please contact Senfeng.

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