Application of Laser Welding Machine in Auto Parts Industry

The laser welding machine uses high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area. The energy of laser radiation diffuses into the material through heat conduction, melting the material to form a specific molten pool, so as to achieve the purpose of welding. With the development of laser welding technology, the application of laser welder is more and more extensive.

In addition to being widely used in automobile body welding, laser welding machines are also widely used in various automobile parts. For example, automotive components such as automotive high-voltage relays, filters, torque sensors, turbochargers, fuel rails, seat adjustment screws, and airbag generators

1. Application of Laser Welding Machine in Car Seat Screw
The car seat screw can be welded using a 2KW fiber laser welding platform. This welding method is equipped with double stations and is specially used for welding the electric seat adjusting screw of the automobile. The safety and reliability of the car seat is very important, which requires the laser welding machine to be stable and reliable. Therefore, the welding quality real-time monitoring system is adopted in the system configuration to monitor the welding quality in real time. If an abnormality occurs, it will be automatically marked to ensure that defective products do not flow into the next process.

2. Application of Laser Welder in High-Pressure Fuel Rail of Engine

The welding of the high-pressure fuel rail of the engine is mainly by manually putting the fuel pipe and the fuel injector into the jig, and then pressing the start button. The automatic detection system will automatically recognize whether the nozzle placement and type are correct, and then enter the next procedure for welding if they are correct, an alarm message will be issued if they are incorrect. After welding, judge whether the welding is normal according to the system information during welding, the good product enters the next processing link, and the defective product is put into the defective product box. This is mainly to use the laser welding machine for precise positioning before brazing, to ensure that there will be no offset during the brazing process, so that the design accuracy can be accurately achieved after the welding is completed. The development of the automobile industry puts forward higher requirements for welding quality. The application of laser welding machines in automobile production has become more and more extensive. It has given full play to its advanced, fast and flexible processing characteristics in the automobile industry, not only in terms of productivity. It is higher than the traditional welding method, and the welding quality has also been significantly improved.

3. Application of Fiber Laser Welding Systems in Automotive Sensors

As cars become more intelligent, there are more and more sensors in cars. Among these many sensors, laser welding is used in a large part, such as torque sensor, ESP, oxygen sensor, engine position sensor and speed sensor. The size of the sensor is small and the welding position is also small. Therefore, the CCD vision positioning module is used in the welding. At the same time, because there are many types of sensors, different tooling and fixtures are needed, so the auto sensor welding system also adopts the tooling and fixture automatic identification system. It can automatically call corresponding programs and welding parameters by identifying different tooling and fixture control systems.

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