Application of laser cutting technology in automobile manufacturing

The automobile manufacturing industry is an industry where new technologies are very concentrated. Nowadays automobiles not only require practical performance, but also economical and beautiful. The replacement speed is increasing day by day. Traditional cutting methods have low efficiency and low precision, and it is difficult to meet the sophisticated cutting of modern automobile manufacturing Need and demand for low cost processing.


With the development of laser application technology, laser cutting technology is widely used in automobile parts, car bodies, car door frames, car trunks, car roof covers and other aspects, which basically covers all application fields in the automotive manufacturing industry.

 fiber laser cutter

Laser cutting technology is to complete cutting by shining high-energy laser beam on the surface of the workpiece, irradiate melting and generate deformation. On the premise of combining with software, CAD and other drawing tools can be used to complete the cutting of high-strength steel structure components with complex contours, so as to meet the personalized processing needs.

Whether from a technical or economic perspective, laser cutting is a very effective processing method, with the following advantages:

1. Save production cost

Laser cutting processing without mold, can save mold investment, cutting products without secondary polishing, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures, reduce production costs.

2. Improve production efficiency

Compared with traditional cutting, laser cutting has high positioning accuracy and fast cutting speed, which is conducive to directly shortening the processing and manufacturing cycle and improving production efficiency.

3. High cutting quality

Can accurately cut complex patterns, cutting surface without burr, product quality is better.

4. Large processing area

Large processing format can realize full-plate cutting.

5. Low maintenance cost

The laser cutting machine has stable performance, is sturdy and durable, can work continuously, and is not easy to be damaged.

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