Application of Laser Cleaning Machine in Automobile Industry

In the automobile manufacturing process, the use of lubricants and anti-rust oils can contaminate automobile components, which in turn affects the quality of joining or bonding of automobile assembly components in subsequent work. Therefore, the joint surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Laser cleaning equipment will play a big role.

Traditional cleaning methods are very time-consuming and often have harmful effects on the environment. Laser cleaning can thoroughly clean up surface residues to obtain strong, void-free and perfect welds. In addition, laser cleaning is very gentle, and the process speed is obviously faster than other methods. These advantages have been recognized by the automotive industry.

The handheld laser cleaner is easy to operate and can effectively remove the coating on the key welds of the painted structural parts. No manual or power tools, abrasives, or chemicals are required, These methods will hide the problem area and cause further damage to the surface.

Use laser cleaning before welding aluminum alloy. The carbon content (representative element of pollutants) before and after cleaning was reduced from 11.79 wt.% to 1.98 wt.%, and the oxygen content (oxide layer) was reduced from 6.68 wt.% before cleaning to 1.27 wt.%.

The process of removing the paint on the surface of the car and removing the primer on the steel plate. The laser beam transmitted by the optical fiber is continuously scanned to remove the paint layer and primer on the surface of the steel plate, leaving a clean surface on the surface of the steel plate, which is suitable for painting again or other further processes.

Laser cleaning technology to clean automobile brake pads is a relatively perfect process to replace traditional surface cleaning. The traditional cleaning process of automobile brake pads, such as sandblasting, is inconvenient to clean the back panel. The laser cleaning can clean the back plate of the brake pad in an automated way to meet the subsequent coating process.

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