Application of Laser Cladding Technology in Hydraulic Support

The safety and reliability of the coal mine mainly depends on the core of the coal mine fully mechanized equipment support equipment, hydraulic support, and the service condition of hydraulic support of downhole bad there has been great test of wear resistance, especially the underground damp environment contains a lot of corrosive medium and electroplating support column outside surface of cylinder live column bubbling causing loss damage; And post outside the cylinder, the inner surface of cylinder by using emulsion is unqualified or shaft is placed after the time is too long and cause the pillar of the cylinder and the outer cylinder wall formed by the rust spot pit, affect the sealing and the lifting force of hydraulic support, makes the whole column to lift fall in a complete set of hydraulic support failure, serious hidden dangers for safety production of coal mine.

The traditional surface treatment technology of hydraulic support is that the surface of live column and middle cylinder is treated by chrome plating, and the middle cylinder and the inner wall of the cylinder are finished by 27SiMn or 30CrMnSi after quenching and tempering. Due to its own technical characteristics, the coating on the outer surface of the support is often damaged and falls off in advance because of scratches or acid-base medium corrosion. At the same time, due to the unqualified use of emulsion or too long placement time after well lifting, the inner wall of the inner and outer cylinders of the column corroded and formed a spot pit, resulting in the failure of the whole column, and the development of bracket electroplating technology is difficult.

Laser cladding technology applied to hydraulic support in coal mine is a new surface modification technology emerging in recent years, which mainly strengthens the outer surface of hydraulic support column and piston rod. The working principle of the technology is that using high energy laser beam as a heat source, the alloy powder with high hardness and good anticorrosion function, the hydraulic support column and the outer surface of the jack at the same time melting metallurgical reaction and forming a wear resistant and corrosion resistant laser cladding layer, so as to achieve the purpose of the service life of the hydraulic support.

Compared with traditional cladding technology, high-speed laser cladding machine has the following advantages:

1. Under the same power condition, the cladding area per unit time of high-speed laser cladding is 3 to 4 times that of traditional laser cladding;

2. High-speed cladding surface is fine and smooth, the cladding thickness is 0.1-1.2mm optional, and the surface finish is high;

3. The bonding force between cladding layer and substrate is much better than traditional process such as spraying and electroplating;

4. After high speed laser cladding, the workpiece surface only needs simple grinding and polishing to produce the lens, without turning, simple follow-up process, and save metal powder;

5. High-speed laser cladding machine has low heat output and is also suitable for processing small, thin-walled workpieces and some non-ferrous metals with good thermal conductivity.

Metal laser cladding and inner wall cladding technology, relying on its own technical advantages, metallurgical combination with the base material, high surface treatment efficiency, outstanding economic benefits, and green pollution-free advantages have been vigorously promoted. The application effect is remarkable. It is the surface treatment of hydraulic supports. The inevitable choice for technological development. If you want to know more about laser cladding equipment, please contact senfeng.


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