Application of Laser Cladding in Repairing Shearer Picks Industry

The pick is one of the vulnerable parts in coal mining and roadway driving machinery. It is the main tool for coal falling and crushing. Its performance directly affects the production capacity, power consumption, working stability and other related parts of the shearer service life. The problem of repairing picks after damage has become the most concerned issue for manufacturers and customers. Today, I will introduce a method for pick repairs, the laser cladding machine. The application of this equipment enables the pick to achieve the greatest economic value.

Picks are subjected to high periodic compressive stress, shear stress, and impact load during work. The main failure modes are cutting head shedding, chipping, cutting head, and tool body wear. Under certain working conditions, it is often caused by the tool body. Broken causes the failure of the pick. Since the mechanical properties of the pick body directly affect the service life of the pick, a reasonable selection of the material of the pick body and effective heat treatment method will reduce the wear and break of the pick body. Also reducing the consumption of shearer picks, improving the operation rate of coal mining machinery, and increasing the comprehensive economic benefits of coal mining production.

The laser cladding systems essentially changes the melting position of the powder, so that the powder meets the laser and melts above the workpiece, and then uniformly coats the surface of the workpiece. Due to the low heat input, this technology can be used for surface cladding of heat-sensitive materials, thin-walled and small-sized components, and it can be used for new material combinations, such as the preparation of coatings on iron-based materials, titanium-based materials or cast iron materials. Because the surface quality of the coating is significantly higher than that of ordinary laser cladding, it can be applied only by simple grinding or polishing, so the waste of materials and subsequent processing are greatly reduced. Laser cladding is all in terms of cost, efficiency, and thermal impact on parts. It has irreplaceable application advantages.

 laser cladding

The application of laser cladding technology on the pick can greatly improve the wear resistance of the pick and the pick seat, prolong the service life and reduce the cost. Compared with traditional processes such as electroplating, spraying, surfacing and vapor deposition, the cladding layer of laser cladding has a uniform and dense structure, fewer micro-defects, high bonding strength with the substrate, and good controllability of the dilution rate; fast cooling speed, basic The heat-affected zone of the material is small, and the thermal deformation is small. Moreover, laser cladding can be processed without contact, automated, and the cladding thickness and cladding area are controllable. The application of laser cladding technology on the pick can greatly improve the wear resistance of the pick and the pick seat, prolong the service life and reduce the cost.

Even if the laser cladding equipment is always in the environment of dust, water vapor and harmful gas, it can operate normally under high speed, heavy load, vibration, impact, friction and medium corrosion, and can adapt to the untimely maintenance of parts , and can work continuously for a long time to improve work efficiency.

Compared with ordinary picks, there is no spark when the laser cladding picks contact the coal seam, and the wear resistance, fatigue strength and shear resistance are greatly improved. It not only reduces the time for pick replacement and maintenance, improves production efficiency, but also saves a lot of money, reduces costs, and increases revenue. As an emerging processing technology, laser cladding technology is advanced, stable, reliable, and durable after cladding parts. Therefore, laser cladding technology should be vigorously promoted and adopted in the coal mining machinery manufacturing industry.

The use of laser cladding equipment can perfectly solve the problems of coal shearer pick cutter head collapse, cutter head and cutter body wear, etc., improve the service life of the pick, and reduce the cost of use.


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