Application of Laser Cladding in Electric Power Industry

In the power industry, power equipment has a large distribution and uninterrupted operation, and its parts have a high probability of damage. The components of power generation equipment are subjected to the test of gas, high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive media to varying degrees in the operating environment. Long-term used equipment may be partially damaged due to aging, such as impellers, water turbines, and axles in wind or hydro power equipment. In order to extend the service life of expensive production equipment, laser cladding equipment can be used to repair them, especially The blades used in generator sets are often very expensive. Reinstalling and reusing the repaired blades will greatly reduce the power generation cost of the power plant.

Laser cladding technology is an important method of material surface modification technology. It uses high-energy density laser beams to quickly melt alloys with different compositions and properties and the surface of the substrate. The formation on the surface of the substrate has completely different composition and The rapid solidification process of the high-performance alloy layer. Under rapid heating, the substrate is minimally affected by heat and has no deformation. The molten layer alloy is a self-contained system with compact structure, refined grains, improved hardness and toughness, and greatly improved surface properties. Laser cladding technology solves a series of technical problems such as thermal deformation and thermal fatigue damage that are inevitable during thermal processing such as traditional electric welding and argon arc welding.

Fiber laser cladding machine has low dilution rate, compact structure, good combination of coating and substrate, and reliable application. As far as the application of laser cladding is concerned, it is mainly used in three aspects: first, material surface modification, such as turbine blade and roller; Second, parts repair, such as wind spindle, planetary frame, planetary wheel; The third is rapid prototyping manufacturing, that is, the use of metal powder layer by layer sintering superposition, rapid manufacturing model.

Laser cladding technology is one of the important supporting technologies of green remanufacturing technology, which is in line with the national sustainable development strategy. If you want to know more about of laser cladding equipment, please contact senfeng.


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