Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Six Major Industries

The application of fiber laser cutting machines is becoming increasingly popular and mature in industries related to sheet metal. Below, high-energy laser will introduce the application of fiber laser cutting machines in six major industries.

1. The automotive industry. Many edges and corners in the automotive industry, such as car doors and exhaust pipes, need to be treated for any excess edges or burrs after forming. If manual labor is used, the initial accuracy is difficult to achieve, and secondly, the efficiency is high. The use of robot laser cutting machines can quickly process batches

2. Advertising industry. Due to the abundance of customization in the advertising industry, traditional methods have low efficiency. Using laser cutting machines will satisfy you no matter how thick the board is or how many shapes it has.

3. Kitchen utensils industry. Nowadays, there are more and more houses and decorations, and the demand for kitchenware related products is increasing. Laser cutting machines are suitable for cutting thin stainless steel plates with fast speed, high accuracy, high satisfaction, and can achieve customized and personalized product development, which is deeply loved by kitchenware manufacturers.

4. Sheet metal processing. Simply put, processing involves cutting various types of plates and cutting parts with different shapes. The characteristics of laser cutting machines are developing rapidly in this industry.

5. Cabinet industry. Including power distribution cabinets, file cabinets, etc., all are standardized production of thin plates that require efficiency. It is more suitable to use laser cutting machines with four or six stations, which have high efficiency. Double layer cutting can also be used for specific plates.

6. Fitness equipment. Due to the country’s emphasis on sports and health, as well as the development of personal health concepts. Square fitness equipment and household fitness equipment are gradually developing, and the demand is gradually increasing. Basically, it is a type of pipe cutting, and using a pipe laser cutting machine is more convenient and fast.

The development of the sheet metal industry is inseparable from the improvement of processing technology, the improvement of supporting equipment, and the improvement of processing accuracy. The application of fiber laser cutting machines has overturned traditional processing methods, greatly improving processing efficiency and technology. Of course, choosing a good product will bring higher returns. Choosing Primalaser laser fiber laser cutting machine can help improve product quality even higher.

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