Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Construction Machinery Industry

Fiber laser cutting machine is a metal laser cutting machine that uses a fiber laser generator as a light source. Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of fiber laser that is newly developed in the world. It outputs a high-energy density laser beam and is concentrated on the surface of the workpiece to instantly melt and vaporize the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the workpiece. Then the laser spot irradiation position is moved by the numerical control mechanical system to realize automatic cutting.

The main application of fiber laser cutting machine in the construction machinery industry is sheet metal processing, which mainly includes the processing of slender workpieces, the processing of sheet metal parts with more holes, the reserved process gaps of sheet metal parts, the production of sheet metal samples and drilling samples, etc.


Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Slender Workpiece

The heat generated by the fiber laser cutting machine is concentrated, so the heat-affected zone on the workpiece is small. In the construction machinery industry, the fiber laser cutting machine can effectively control the thermal deformation of the workpiece, especially for the slender workpiece that requires straightness. When the length of the workpiece reaches more than 5500mm, the “micro-connection” function of the cutting machine can be used to effectively control the straightness of the workpiece.


Application of Fiber Laser Plate Cutting Machine in Sheet Metal Parts with More Holes

In the construction machinery industry, facing plates of different thicknesses, as long as the following two conditions are met, the fiber laser cutting machine can directly cut round holes. On the one hand, the diameter of the round hole of the workpiece is required to be greater than or equal to the value of the corresponding minimum diameter. On the other hand, the roughness and diameter of the workpiece are required to be within the capabilities of the cutting machine. This eliminates the drilling process and improves labor productivity. For some workpieces with many holes, you can use the dotting function of the fiber laser machine to determine the position of the hole. It saves the time for positioning holes for the subsequent drilling process, and also saves the production cost of the drilling template. This not only improves production efficiency, but also improves product accuracy.


Application of Fiber Laser Plate Cutting Machine in the Process Gap Reserved for Sheet Metal Parts

The process gap reserved for sheet metal parts is also called crack arrest groove or process hole. In sheet metal production, the design of process gaps generally has three forms: the first is that two or more bending parts are adjacent; the second is that the bent part of a certain edge is completely bent in the length direction. For the second process gap, if a laser cutting machine is used, the gap can be cut directly at this position during cutting. Therefore, for some workpieces with higher requirements, the laser cutting machine can directly reserve the slit form. In the third form, when the sheet metal part is bent, the workpiece will be deformed when the two ends are in the suspended position. In this case, the laser cutting machine can reserve a slit when the workpiece is blanked to prevent the workpiece from deforming during bending.


Application of Fiber Laser Cutting in the Production of Sheet Metal Templates and Drilling Templates

In the construction machinery industry, for some irregularly shaped workpieces, it is usually necessary to use a laser cutting machine to make inspection templates. This is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of detecting the blanking parts. Such as the support angle on the bulldozer ripper, the big head plate on the excavator stick and boom, etc. For some rolled-formed workpieces, during the production and inspection of the workpiece, it is necessary to use a template that matches the arc to assist in the production and inspection. In this case, in order to improve the accuracy of workpiece production and the efficiency of inspection, it is necessary to use a laser cutting machine to make samples of these workpieces. And use the marking function of the laser cutting machine to mark the boundary of the arc and the straight edge on the template.


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