Application of Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine in Tire Mold Cleaning

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s automobile industry, the tire industry has also entered a period of rapid growth. Tire molds are a key part of the automobile manufacturing process. However, after the mold is used for a few days, contaminants will begin to accumulate, which not only destroys the smoothness of the tire, but also slows down the production speed. Therefore, it is very important to choose how to clean the tire mold during the tire manufacturing process.

Comparison of Laser Cleaning Equipment and Other Cleaning Methods in Tire Mold Cleaning

Traditional cleaning methods include dry ice cleaning, chemical cleaning, sandblast cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning. 

1.Dry ice cleaning molds has zero damage to cleaning molds, and the efficiency is moderate, but dry ice is too costly, difficult to store, and belongs to dangerous goods. 

2.Chemical cleaning will corrode the metal material on the surface of the tire mold and cannot be used for a long time. Moreover, industrial waste water is generated, which is harmful to human health. 

3.The sandblasting cleaning adopts blasting materials (copper sand, quartz sand, emery sand, iron sand, sea sand) to spray on the surface of the mold at a high speed, which will damage the surface of the mold and cannot be used for a long time. And it will cause air pollution and noise pollution.

4.Although the high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning method has a good cleaning effect, it can do nothing to clean the sub-micron particles with strong adhesion. The size of the cleaning tank limits the size range of the workpiece to be cleaned, and cannot solve the problem of how to dry after cleaning.

Compared with traditional industrial cleaning, fiber laser cleaning machine has the following advantages:

1. No chemical solution is needed, and there is no environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning. Fiber laser cleaning machine is a new technology, new process and new method to replace pickling and phosphating.

2. The waste material after laser cleaning forms a solid powder, which is small and easy to handle, and does not cause re-pollution to the environment. Laser cleaning technology is the reform and development trend of industrial cleaning in the future.

3. The laser cleaning equipment is non-contact. It can be transmitted by optical fiber and combined with a robot or manipulator, so as to conveniently realize remote operation and clean parts that are not easily reached by traditional methods. It is an excellent choice for tire mold cleaning and maintenance. 

4. The laser cleaning equipment is set by threshold calculation parameters, no contact, no grinding, no thermal effect, no damage to the substrate, easy to operate, especially suitable for mold cleaning.

5. The laser cleaning equipment can be used stably for a long time, no consumables are needed, and only a small amount of electricity is required. Its maintenance and operation cost is low, and it can be used in an infinite cycle at one time.

6. Laser cleaning belongs to physical dry cleaning. It replaces the waste of water resources caused by traditional industrial cleaning, replaces cleaning fluids and builders required for traditional surface treatment, and eliminates ODS ozone-depleting substances, thereby realizing low-carbon, water-saving and energy-saving.

Application of Laser Cleaning Machine in Tire Mold Cleaning 

In the production process of automobile tires, molds are very important mechanical equipment, and the quality of molds directly affects the quality of tires. In a high temperature and high humidity environment, the patterns and other patterns carved on the surface of the tire mold are inevitably contaminated by rubber, compounding agents, and release agents used in the vulcanization process, thereby forming some residues. After these residues accumulate to a certain extent, they will affect the shape and structure of the mold and eventually lead to defective products. Therefore, it is very important to keep the tire mold clean.

Cleaning tire molds with a laser cleaning machine mainly uses the characteristics of lasers, such as high energy, high brightness, and good directionality, to destroy the force between the pollutants and the surface of the object, thereby removing the pollutants without damaging the substrate. Different materials have different absorption rates of laser energy at specific wavelengths. When the absorption rate of the attachment on the surface of the material is greater than the absorption rate of the substrate, the temperature of the attachment instantly rises above the melting point by laser irradiation and vaporization occurs. Since the vaporization phenomenon of the surface layer interface produced in this way does not reach the melting point of the base material, it does not damage the base material.

The technology of laser cleaning tire molds has been widely used in the tire industry in Europe and the United States. Although the initial investment cost is relatively high, the benefits of saving standby time, avoiding mold damage, working safety and saving raw materials can be quickly recovered. According to relevant information, using laser cleaning technology, it only takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to clean a set of large truck tire molds online. Compared with conventional cleaning methods, the economic benefits are obvious. If you want to know more about fiber laser cleaning machine, please contact SENFENG LEIMING.


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