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With China’s hardware industry under the policy of innovation-driven and quality-first guide, it has continuously improved the degree of nationalization and product quality, and has maintained rapid development in production and sales. Hardware has played an increasingly important role in various fields. 

6000w fiber laser cutter is produced under the premise of such urgent need of manufacturers. It is a modern processing equipment with good economic benefits. It not only reduces the processing time of hardware products, but also makes great progress in quality. 

 The following briefly introduces the advantages of laser cutting machine:

High cutting quality, reduce labor cost

It belongs to non-contact processing, does not damage the workpiece, the cutting products no extrusion deformation, no burr, do not need to be polished again to save cost.

Save mould investment and reduce production cost

 It can directly produce all kinds of hardware workpieces without mould, without repairing and replacing the mould, saving the processing cost and reducing the production cost, especially suitable for the processing of bulk products.

 High precision, improve productivity

Laser cutting has the characteristics of precision, flexibility and efficiency, can effectively process all kinds of complex parts, as long as the cutting graphics, imported into the control system, you can set the size of the cutting, effectively improve labor productivity.

 Fast cutting speed, optimized working environment

6kw fiber laser cutting machine cuts quickly, the equipment is stable during work, the noise is low, there is no dust, it willt produce harmful chemicals to the human body and the environment, reduce pollution, and help the hardware enterprise promote the optimization of the working environment.

The laser cutting machine has stable performance, is durable and can work continuously, and is not easy to be damaged. It has a great advantage in the maintenance cost at a later stage.

For hardware processing companies, the choice of laser cutting machine manufacturers is a very important part. Good manufacturers can not only help companies produce better products, but also help companies to control production costs and increase profits. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.

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