Application of 1500W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine in Metal Welding

Welding is a common material processing method, which can stably and effectively connect different workpieces. In order to prevent pores and cracks in the weld, it is particularly important to clean the surface of the processed material before welding.

The existing cleaning methods include mechanical polishing, chemical cleaning, and laser cleaning. Mechanical grinding will be easily cause damage to the workpiece and great pollution. Chemical cleaning is not suitable for local cleaning. Both of these have strong limitations. Laser cleaning, as an emerging cleaning method, has great advantages in all aspects. 1500w fiber laser cleaning machine is becoming more popular.

Fiber laser cleaner uses high-energy pulsed laser beams to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, so that the dirt and rust on the surface will instantly evaporate or expand and peel, achieving the cleaning effect.

1) Comprehensive functions: 

The laser cleaning machine can not only remove rust, oil, oxide layer and other substances attached to the metal surface, but also remove dust and impurities. It can efficiently process stainless steel welds, including welding pretreatment, which is both efficient and time-saving.

2) Local cleaning:

The laser beam can adjust the spot size to precisely clean specific parts. The laser intensity can also be adjusted to thoroughly clean adhesives with various viscous strengths. In the case of welding with complicated working conditions, the workpiece can be cleaned without disassembling It can avoid the problems of disassembly, installation, and environmental pollution required by traditional cleaning methods, greatly improving the efficiency of welding.

3) Flexible operation: 

In the process of using the laser cleaning machine to clean the material, there is no contact with the surface of the material. It can effectively clean the complex curved surface of the parts and the parts that cannot be touched by conventional cleaning.

4) Green and environmental protection: 

The impurities cleaned by the laser cleaning machine can be directly recycled by dust extraction, so there will be no noise and no secondary pollution.

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